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Plating the Future


Ever since he arrived at the directorship of the Texas Music Office, Brendon Anthony has been creating new and innovative ways to support this music we all love. He’s networked, politicked and raised funds.  Streamlined, performed and made modern. The latest project of the TMO is the creation of a new specialty license plate that will provide the office to do some much needed things to sustain our music and keep it moving forward into the future.  Notably, a major portion of the plate fee will go toward purchasing instruments for children who otherwise could not afford them.  Additionally, the plate funds will go to non-profits that take music education and joy into under-served communities.  Unfortunately, due to arts budget cuts in public schools, nearly all communities are under-served when it comes to music education, awareness and championing. Thanks to the tireless work of Brendon Anthony and his staff at the TMO, that may change. Pick up these plates if you’re able and support our kind of music…and tomorrow’s songwriters/guitar players/composers/singers.

You can order your plates directly from the Texas Music Office website and pick them up at your local county tax office.

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