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River Jam Artist Preview: Jackie Darlene

Singer/songwriters of the female persuasion have always been on an uneven playing field in the music biz at large and in the Texas scene especially.  Every great once in a while, a truly remarkable talent cuts through all the hurdles in her path.  One of the recent trailblazers doing this is Jackie Darlene.  This young lady possesses a raspy, raw and powerfully evocative vocal range that is paired with a songwriting voice that is equally magnetic.  Jackie has spent and continues to spend countless hours in the woodshed, on top of gigging 6 nights a week.

Performance date/time:  Sunday July 14 at Lone Star Floathouse approx 4PM

Years at event:  Three

Twitter:  @JackieDarleneTX

River Jam Artist Preview: Mark Allan Atwood


Mark Allan Atwood is a music business veteran.  He’s been knocking around the Texas scene for nearly 30 years.  He’s fronted country bands and metal bands.  But, at the root of it all has been his authentic songwriting.  Inspired by the likes of legendary songwriters such as Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Townes Van Zandt, Atwood stands on their shoulders as he crafts his own tunes.  He pairs his genuine lyrics with an immediately identifiable singing voice, and these combinations have allowed him success on his own terms.  MAA has decamped to South Padre Island recently and has added an island vibe to his tunes. Come see him ply his saltwater trade next to the fresh water of the Guadalupe.

Performance date/time:  Sunday July 14 at Lone Star Floathouse, approx 3PM

Years at event:  Five

Twitter:  @MarkAllanAtwood

Shane Smith and The Saints Are Having a Moment

The natural order of anything works like a pendulum. Swinging to and fro, life tends to balance itself out in the end. Sports, politics, relationships. Music is much the same. Shane Smith and the Saints have had a steady climb as they’ve ridden that unstable, yet dependable pendulum for the past few years. They’re on […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Coby Wier

Being the son of a legend is never easy, but Coby Wier has managed to carve out his own niche by using lessons learned from his father while also happening to be one of the best guitar players in the state. A six-string whiz, Wier has only recently stepped up to the mic to lead […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Austin Gilliam

Austin Gilliam is a New Braunfels musical treasure.  Vocals, guitar, songwriting…there’s not much he can’t do or many who he has not done it with.  He’s been frontman, sideman and co-writer.  A fixture of the local music scene who has been creeping into regional consciousness on the power of his musicality.  Float the river, have […]