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RIP Glenn Frey


He wasn’t the most talented member of The Eagles (Henley).  He wasn’t the most affable and fun (Walsh).  But, Glenn Frey was The Eagles.  He was the driving force of the band, as if manager Irving Azoff was an actual playing member.  Frey moved to California from Michigan with stars in his sights and songs in his heart.  The Eagles were by and large his creation.  He was the lead singer of their early tracks and co-writer of their biggest hits.  He and Henley formed an American Lennon-McCartney with unprecedented commercial success (that still continues).  Ever the consumate business man, he soon realized that the band could reach greater heights if he stepped to the side and let Henley belt out lead vocals from his drum kit.  A famous egomaniac, Frey lived ever rock cliche imaginable in the 70’s.  The stories of debauchery were famous from bands like Led Zeppelin, but Cameron Crowe documented that The Eagles made Zeppelin look like choir boys.  Excess soon soured the vibes of the band (as it always does). The way he and Henley have treated Don Felder and Randy Meisner is near criminal. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley even find it appalling.  Yet, it just works to enhance the Glenn Frey persona.  A rust belt kid that shined up chrome once he found the limelight of California sunshine.  Frey embarked on a relatively successful acting career and enjoyed middling solo success before the inevitable frozen hell  reunion tour of ’94 that endured for the next 21 years.  Glenn Frey set a bar of cool that many songwriters and musicians are still trying to reach. The sound and style he helped pioneer is still influencing bands across all genres. Specific to this website and community, there is not one band in the Texas/Red Dirt/Americana realm that isn’t influenced by The Eagles. Unquestioned success. And in some cases unrivaled ego. A true American rock original icon.  RIP Glenn.

Cameron Crowe looks back at his ’75 Rolling Stone cover story on The Eagles. Inspiration for Almost Famous.

Henley on Frey:  “He changed my life forever.

Bill Simmons reviews the fantastic must watch The History of the Eagles documentary.


{New Braunfels} Blowin’ Off Steamboat 4

4th Annual Blowin' Off Steamboat Music FestivalThe 4th Annual Blowin’ Off Steamboat Music Festival is THIS Saturday in New Braunfels! This indoor/outdoor, winter all day live music charity event is back at Freiheit Country Store, and this year the proceeds go to a local school nurse, mother of two young boys, cancer fighting sweet spirit that just happened to have lost her husband almost two years ago after he had a cerebral stroke.

Marsha Mudge has had a rough go of it, but the community in New Braunfels always pulls together to help their own, and Music of New Braunfels and TX Citizens’ annual Blowin’ Off Steamboat is helping with just that.

The live music is stacked deep all day, here’s the line up!

12:00 BJ Thibodeaux, Nick Rogers
1:00 Bo Porter, Ruben V
2:00 Tony Taylor, Brent Michael Wood & Kris Smith
2:45 Alli Mattice
3:00 Dennis Jay & Lonesome Town
4:00 Bret Graham, Matt Kersh & Doug Kent
4:45 Colt Buckalew & Tiffany Valentine of Texas Crossing
5:00 Carol Cochran & Two Way Street
6:00 Jade Patek, Bryan Catalani & Dan Adams
6:45 Kori Free of The Groove Hounds
7:00 Texas Renegade
8:00 Breelan Angel + Greg Francescon & Andrae Blissett of Whiskey Rodeo
8:45 Jomo Edwards of The Possum Posse
9:00 Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros
10:00 Jesse Stratton
10:20 Sour Bridges
11:20 Daniel Thomas Phipps
11:40 Matt Begley & Bitter Whiskey

Join them any time or all day at Freiheit Country Store, and help them help Marsha be #MudgeStrong! #bosmf

The Chart Problem

With news that ANOTHER Texas radio chart is launching it leads to, with admitted ignorance, several questions. 
-How relevant are these things? Artists such as Bingham, American Aquarium, Hayes Carll and countless others have carved out super successful careers without the aid of widespread radio.Read the rest

{Review} Randy Rogers Band – Nothing Shines Like Neon

randy-rogers-band-nothing-shines-like-neonThe 7th studio effort, Nothing Shines Like Neon, from Texas top-dogs Randy Rogers Band again deftly displays why they are still the most relevant band in the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  Unlike many bands, RRB has been able to develop and retain a signature sound while always sounding contemporary.  … Read the rest

{Review} Erick Willis – Flood Gate

willisErick Willis is a young artist with a voice that’s seen some things.  It’s smooth and wise like a whiskey barrel from east Tennessee.  Willis has been on a steady climb into larger notice on the strength of this voice.  His previous studio efforts were decent for a young kid, but much like Josh Weathers always had issue with, they failed to match the awe inspiring nature of the live show.  … Read the rest