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LJT 2015 Must-Sees


Here are a few highlights we are looking forward to.  As always, this is a formidable and very comprehensive lineup that has something for every taste and fan.  There are country acts, rock acts, folk acts, legendary acts and new acts.  Sometimes back to back.  The list below is far from comprehensive, it just includes many of the sets we won’t be missing and felt were particularly notable.

(all times approximate)


8:00PM–Gary P. Nunn–T-Bird’s--The venerable singer/songwriter kicks things off for 2015 with his road-tested and proven old school Texas country jams.  If you’re starting your LJT experience on Monday and going the entire week, God Bless you.  This is the first time we can recall music starting on Monday!  There’s a party comin’ on for sure.


8:00PM–Delbert McClinton–Bud Light Stage–The legendary Texas blues howler takes to the mainstage for a set that will take place after his son Clay and prior to a set from Casey Donahew Band.  Our money is on the veteran Delbert laying it down like nobody else can.  He’s still got it…the Lone Star Blues and the goods.


2:00–Cody Canada and Mike McClure–Allsups Stage–This is where things start to get greasy.  This classic Red Dirt pair’s annual acoustic shows under the small tent back in LJT’s relative infancy were always a true highlight.  It’s very cool to see them doing it once again.  Get there for this one.  There will be songs, stories, surprises and more.

5:00-Midnight–Turnpike Troubadours, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, Hayes Carll, Cody Johnson, Adam Hood and Dolly Shine–Bud Light Stage--Dolly Shine kicks off an evening that is back to back heavy hitters.  This may be the best line-up for one night that LJT has ever concocted and it has something for every one and every taste.  Our longtime favorite Adam Hood makes his LJT debut on the big stage and will be followed by the modern day Chris Le Doux–Cody Johnson with his energetic stage show.  Then comes the wiseacre Hayes Carll and his sneakily rowdy stage act.  As if that weren’t enough your evening will be capped off by back to back appearances from Turnpike and Boland.  If you’re still standing at the end of this, you’ve done something wrong.


2:00–Zane Williams–Allsups Stage–Zane’s star continues to rise on the strength of smart songwriting that reminds us of Radney Foster’s style.  Zane’s been out at the LJT campfires for a couple years and it’s cool to see him get such a good slot in the lineup.

4:00–Shinyribs–Allsups Stage--Last year’s Greenfest headliner heads to LJT for the second time.  Kevin Russell played LJT’s mainstage a few years back with The Gourds.  However, the closest LJT has seen to what Mr. Ribs is going to deliver is Josh Weather’s legendary performance of “Shout” back in 2013.  Buckle up and bring your dancing shoes.

5:00–Ray Wylie Hubbard–Allsups Stage--Following Shinyribs you will be treated to another old dog teaching new tricks as RWH lays down the grittiest, grooviest groove this side of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s ghost.  You’re sure to hear some of those badass rockin’ new songs and your old favorites.

9:00–Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers Band–Bud Light Stage–Nobody will be holding their beer when this combo hits the mainstage back to back.  This will be the HMBWT release week and we’re pretty sure these two bands have some tricks up their sleeves and possibly some collaborations we’ve never heard before.  Shenanigans shall ensue and memories will be made.


3:00PM–Walt Wilkins–Allsups Stage--The good Rev. Wilkins starts the weekend portion of the fest off in the way only he and his Mystiqueros can.  Laid back, soulful and powerful.  He’s followed by Max Stalling and Radney Foster.  A trio of good music to park your lawnchair for.

5:00PM–Prophets and Outlaws–Bud Light Stage--Last year’s buzz of the Allsups stage graduates to the big one to show everybody what they’ve got.  Buzz continues to build around this DFW rootsy soul outfit and with good reason. See why here.  They will be followed by Bart Crow who should be fresh off his GW private performance prior to lighting up the big crowd.

8:00–Williarm Clark Green–Bud Light Stage–A couple years back, WCG was rising and was just about the most buzzed about name you can imagine when he dropped his Rose Queen album at LJT.  Two years later and he’s officially a big dog as he will be fresh off the release of Ringling Road and jamming after dark at LJT.  His band’s twin guitar attack now has them as one of the most versatile and tight in the scene.


1:00–Dalton Domino–Allsups Stage–Domino won the LJT songwriting competition last year and is on the cusp of bigger things here in 2015.  He’s got an official spot on the line-up this year and something to prove.  We’ll be there to see him do just that.

6:00–Sam Riggs and the Night People–Bud Light Stage--Of all the guys and gals we saw last year roaming the campfire jams, the most impressive was Sam Riggs.  Excited to see the energy he and his people bring to the big stage at LJT on the final night.

7:30PM–Charlie Robison–Bud Light Stage–Fresh off his spot-on existence rant, Robison takes center stage as LJT winds down.  It will be like Billy Graham at a Baptist revival.  And he’s to be followed by Creager and the gallons of flying beer that accompany his LJT set.  LJT 2015 finishing off with a bang.

{Brad's Corner} April 2015: Transferring to the Tube

{Brad�s Corner}

The way we consume media in these modern times is quite different from how we took it in as recently as five years ago.  Streaming and avenues like Apple TV and Netflix allow us to gluttonously devour television series and movies as if we were headed to Whataburger after a fast.  We don’t consume these shows quietly either.  We must blast our latest viewing habits out on all manner of social media.  Why do we do this? Because we as humans crave a connection.  We want to share our joy and love of something and feel validated.  Finding someone else who watches and enjoys the same show as you bonds you in some sort of unexplained social lockstep.  And, boy can we get passionate about these shows we watch.  Whether it’s Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Scandal, House of Cards or you name it…we will jump up on the highest cliff and stump for it harder than the 2016 candidates are striving for the White House.  We will beat the drums and tell people why it’s awesome and why they should watch.  We will act incredulous when someone tells us they haven’t seen it or didn’t enjoy it when they tried to watch it.

I used to see that same kind of passion about music.  But, it’s rare these days.  It’s easy to blame it on the changing fads or the death of both country music and “Texas Country”.  Yet, there has to be more to it.  I think it’s related in the way we consume music.  Much like the way we ravenously take in film media at a rapid pace, we now have so much music at our fingertips that it is easily overwhelming.  iTunes and Spotify are fantastic tools (not debating artist pay rates in this column) of discovery.  Making playlists at the push of a button is so much simpler than burning a cd for hours or having to select which 12 track adventure you’re going to undertake at the start of your roadtrip.

This ease of choice makes music seem disposable. Replaceable even.  But it is not.

Keep Reading…

Haggard Undercover

Merle Haggard is one of the greatest American musicians of all time.  His influence is immense and legendary. The Texas/Red Dirt scene is littered with tributes to The Hag and on the occasion of his birthday we’ve compiled a few of the best.  Hit up the comments section and let us know others that you dig.




 … Keep Reading

Greenfest 15


It’s that time again. The festival of the summer. The music family reunion. Meet up. Turn up. Greenfest 15. #gf15


WHEN: Sat July 18 & Sun July 19, 2015

WHERE: River Road Icehouse & Lone Star Float House. New Braunfels, TX


Saturday will be full bands rocking. Sunday will be some acoustic healing.  Ticket info and full line-up coming soon!


Saturday July 18:  Micky & the Motorcars, Stewart Mann & Statesboro Revue, K Phillips, The Crooks, Zac Wilkerson, special sidestage band performance from Court Nance featuring Nate Rodriguez

Sunday July 19: Drew Kennedy, Josh Grider, Owen Temple, Haley Cole, Erick Willis, Kylie Rae Harris, Larry Hooper, Chris King, Brant Croucher, John Baumann, Dan Adams, Kayla Ray, Austin Meade, Austin Gilliam and more!


 … Keep Reading

Sturgill Mania


It’s been quite some time since an artist captured the collective heartbeat of the underground country scene quite like Sturgill Simpson has done.  His rise has been historic and meteoric.  Fans of all stripes are flocking to Sturgill as some sort of country music savior.  His latest Texas run is the most recent indication of his current status.  Sell-outs at large venues at Beatles/Garth rates occurred.  Fans are traveling from far and wide to see their latest hero.  Sturgill’s easygoing attitude and calm nature about it all has only endeared him to people further.  There is a tiny hipster minority of folks waging a Sturgill backlash but they can’t stem the Sturgill tide.  Who’s coming to see what all the fuss is about this weekend?  Many of the GW crew will be at both Stubb’s shows and the Billy Bob’s gig.  See you there.  Come say hi.  As a music fan, this is livin’ the dream.

April 2 – Stubb’s – Austin, TX

April 3 – Billy Bob’s – Fort Worth, TX

April 4 – Lubbock Memorial Civic Theater – Lubbock, TX

April 5 – Stubb’s – Austin, TX Keep Reading

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