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Greenfest Artist Preview: Micky and the Motorcars


Back in 2004, there was a young band starting to make waves in the Texas Music scene.  They were striving to get out of the shadow of their brothers’ band and carve out their own path.  One of their first big, Texas gigs was headlining GF04 alongside The Lost Trailers and Django Walker.  It was at the old Coppertank in Austin and we raged. It was a very cool, historic night.  Soonafter, the band flew up the ladder and caught on with audiences across the state and beyond.  Their songs were becoming radio staples and they had created their own identity.  11 years later, we’re more than proud to bring that band, Micky and the Motorcars, back to GF to rock the house once more.  MMC on the river…it doesn’t get much better.

Greenfest tickets:  http://greenfest.preferredfan.com/

Performance date/time:  Saturday July 18 at River Road Icehouse, approx 10:30PM

Years at Greenfest:  2

Twitter:  @themotorcars

Greenfest Artist Preview: Drew Kennedy


Drew Kennedy has been a Greenfest anchor for the past nine years, as he has played in some capacity at each of the last ten events.  Since 2009, Drew has hosted our Lone Star Floathouse acoustic river jam portion.  His affable humor, immense talent and welcoming nature have been integral in making the Sunday part of Greenfest such a success.  We are excited to have him back once again in the thick of the Sunday activities at Floathouse.  Join us for what’s become a summer tradition:  Drew’s Floathouse Greenfest set.  You never know who will show up to sit in, listen or participate.  A parrot just might join in.

Greenfest tickets:  http://greenfest.preferredfan.com/

Performance date/time:  Sunday July 19 at Lone Star Floathouse, 9PM

Years at Greenfest:  10

Twitter:  @dk_music

RIP Tom Skinner

Sometimes you gotta have faith like a blind man standing in the middle of the road… We should all be thankful that Tom Skinner had faith, heart, wisdom, wit and resolve to make one of the greatest impacts on this kind of music that has ever been felt. Rest in peace Mr. Skinner http://youtu.be/mybaZV1PdKI

Greenfest Artist Preview: Brant Croucher

Brant Croucher is a Houston based singer/songwriter who cut his teeth in the vibrant Denton music scene while attending the University of North Texas.  Croucher is a songwriter that knows how to deliver resounding emotional punches with soft blows.  He crafts and deliver songs that remind you of other times and places, while remaining wholly […]

Greenfest Artist Preview: Dan Adams

Dan Adams first came on our radar a couple years ago via Adam Hood.  Adams was a fellow southeastern expat frustratingly plying his songwriting trade in Nashville.  Through meeting several folks involved in the scene down here, the Georgia native soon realized his music fit more in the Americana/Texas mold than that of the trucks […]