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RIP Tom Skinner


Sometimes you gotta have faith like a blind man standing in the middle of the road…

We should all be thankful that Tom Skinner had faith, heart, wisdom, wit and resolve to make one of the greatest impacts on this kind of music that has ever been felt.

Rest in peace Mr. Skinner

Greenfest Artist Preview: Brant Croucher

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Brant Croucher is a Houston based singer/songwriter who cut his teeth in the vibrant Denton music scene while attending the University of North Texas.  Croucher is a songwriter that knows how to deliver resounding emotional punches with soft blows.  He crafts and deliver songs that remind you of other times and places, while remaining wholly original.  Brant also owns the greatest bio currently circulating the Texas/Americana scene.  Read it HERE.

Greenfest ticketshttp://greenfest.preferredfan.com/

Performance date/time:  Sun July 19 at Lone Star Float House. 6PM

Years at Greenfest: Debut

Twitter:  @Brant_Croucher

Greenfest Artist Preview: Dan Adams


Dan Adams first came on our radar a couple years ago via Adam Hood.  Adams was a fellow southeastern expat frustratingly plying his songwriting trade in Nashville.  Through meeting several folks involved in the scene down here, the Georgia native soon realized his music fit more in the Americana/Texas mold than that of the trucks and tailgates Music Row rage.   A few acoustic touring runs, some successful networking and a full stakes-pulling move of he and his family to Austin has provided the background for a wholly satisfying album entitled Live Oaks and Lights. Since last year’s GF, Adams has gone to Muscle Shoals and cut more killer tunes. Come hear Adams perform tunes from that album and more.

Greenfest tickets: http://greenfest.preferredfan.com/

Performance date/time:  Sun July 19 at Lone Star Float House. 6PM

Years at Greenfest: Two

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Greenfest Artist Preview: Chris King


Chris King has been bubbling under the radar the past few years as a songwriter that other songwriters talked about quite often.  Long championed by folks like Jamie Wilson of The Trishas, King has established himself over the past couple years as a formidable writer and performer.  As his career has taken off here recently, King has started to gig more and build on this momentum.  King has became part of the GW family and helps anchor this event in much the same way Drew Kennedy and Josh Grider do.  Ecstatic to have him back once more.

Greenfest tickets:  http://greenfest.preferredfan.com/

Performance date/time:  Sat July 19 at Lone Star Floathouse.  Approx 8PM.

Years at Greenfest:  4

Twitter:  @ArtificialChris

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Creative Process & Consuption

I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process in music & its execution into something that people consume. Talking about creativity and writing songs is hard. I can’t sit here & pretend that I know the reason that anyone else makes music. There are probably a thousand different reasons different people have for writing songs. I only really know why I do it & what it means to me. But I am truly curious about other people.

The main reason I write is because I need to write. Something compels me to… creative energy or whatever. But second to the fulfillment of my need to write is my concern for whether or not people like my songs. Now, notice that I didn’t say I don’t care whether people like my songs or not. I do. I actually care a lot. It’s just second on my list. And I’ll add this… I think that any artist who says they don’t care whether or not people like their music is a liar. Either that, or they’re just trying to sound cool. They might not care if a certain individual person likes their music, but they want “people” in general to like it. If an artist didn’t want people to like their music, they wouldn’t put out records or play shows. This goes doubly for artists whose full-time gig is music. Their livelihood is directly tied to people liking their music, and them finding those people.

So that makes me wonder: CanKeep Reading

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