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October 22, 2006

“If you’ve got the fire, I’ve got the gasoline…” Stoney LaRue/Brandon Jenkins

I heard one time that if someone has a thought or desire to do or change something then we generally say that “a fire ignites within them”. If someone has that fire ignited, then as friends, we can either do one of two things with our words and actions.. either pour water on it and put it out.. or pour gasoline on it to make it burn hot and spread.

It’s apparent this scene is changing lives and igniting fires in people.. in both artists and fans. The question in my mind is.. what are we doing to that fire? Pouring water or gasoline?

Throwing gas on the fire can be anything.. show up early for the opener, stay late, go to that Wed. show, tell them how much the music means to you, bring a friend, yell a little louder, listen a little more…


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