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October 17, 2006

“I sing songs about Texas…” Walt Wilkins

Last night I was in Stephenville for Stoney LaRue and Pat Green. Awesome show! Pat told the crowd how he dropped by the local Hastings music store and was looking through the Texas Music section and ran across a Walt Wilkins CD with a big ugly USED sticker on it. He went on to tell about how it broke his heart to see that someone out there just didn’t understand what men like Walt Wilkins can sing about or the power he brings to this music scene. He then went on to sing one of Walts songs acoustic to the crowd and it was really moving.

I got to thinking about how I could help push the word out about the guys that don’t draw 1000 people at every show. The guys that really have something to say. I know Galleywinter is a good start. Heck, I’ve learned about so many great artists through this website.

But really, I think the key is to tell someone. Tell Anyone. Tell your sister-in-law’s baby cousin, how great the music you listen to is. For every 1 person that might recycle a CD into the USED rack at Hastings, there are probably 10 ready to take this scene and support it full on.

Tell someone,

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