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New Texas/Red Dirt Music Magazine – Mavrik

I found this info burried in the forums and figured I’d post it here to be sure everyone gets ready for this! Todd Purifoy gives us a little preview of what’s going to be inside! I can’t wait till I can get my subscription! Look for a more detailed interview with Mavrik once the release gets closer and we have some subscription information for you.

-From Todd-
Hey guys, my book project has led to another. What this scene needs in a BAD way is a good magazine. This is something I am working on with the people publishing my book. This will probably be coming out in June or July. Here is a copy of the first cover.
This thing is completely dedicated to this Texas Red Dirt Scene. There will be some cool stuff in here. They have some guys signed on who will doing peer to peer interviews, like Roger Ray interviewing Cody Canada (just an example since Roger is one of the guys who will be lending a hand on such things).

Maybe Wade Bowen doing a review of the cruise and interviewing some folks for example.

Anyway, this is a subscription that we all need to get to keep this thing going. They are really passioate about doing this, and they do great work.

And yes, I begged for a Stoney cover for the first issue.

For those who think Monty Peliti is as funny as I do, he will be contributing from time to time.

They will cover the guys we all know, and lots of the newer folks as well. The intent is that this bi-monthly magazine will grow into something people really enjoy, and that really stays in touch with the scene and its new comers.

I met with them last night for about three hours, and I am telling you it is going to be cool. I will be lucky enough to do alot of the photos for them. They are just plain good folks, and they are fans of the scene in general.

Anyway, just something I wanted to plug because these guys have helped me a ton, and I dig what they do. So subscribe when the chance comes (hopefully soon)…or read about all our guys in a two sentence press release on the last page of CMT magazine once every 8 months. Ok…that was a low blow.

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