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You all may or may not have seen Southern Thread’s new sponsor block that is in rotation here at Galley and I wanted to take a second to let everyone know, here on the homepage, that we have a new company that wants to support what we do here at Galleywinter. SoThread is basically a clothing line that is dedicated to Texas/Red Dirt Music and the look and feel that the fans want. We are in the process of working up a 20 Questions with these guys to fill you in on a little more of what they are all about and what their goals are, in this scene. I spent several days and concerts with these guys and girls up in Steamboat and I can tell you that they are the real deal. They are folks that love music and have a great idea at the same time. So check this out… They are going to give away some swag to you all. Just head over to the SoThread store and pick out your favorite piece of clothing (limit 1). Email with what you what and the size and we’ll pick 5 or 6 winners that will get it for free. Giveaway ends Wed. Jan 11 @ 5:00PM Texas Time.

The winners!
Michael Marks
Rob Cagley
Elise Tschoepel
Amy Fagan
Andrew Hilgendorf

So be looking for the 20 Questions and some other cool stuff that we’re going to be working with SoThread on. And in the meantime… Go get free stuff…

Ryan "Tank" Hargrave

I'm a husband, father, traveler, a Light in the dark, lover of photography/film and I believe that good music can change your life.

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