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{20 Questions} Name Association with Cleto Cordero of Flatland Cavalry


With the madness of Greenfest, there wasn’t time for a full 20 Questions interview with Cleto Cordero of the fast rising band Flatland Cavalry.  However, we were able to get him to do everyone’s favorite part.  Name association, the first word or phrase that comes to his mind when he hears the following names.  Without further adieu.


Jason Eady-Shy
Ray Wylie Hubbard-Wise
Dalton Domino-Firecracker
Guy Clark-Troubadour
Willliam Clark Green-Mentor
Randy Rogers-Talent
Pat Green-Icon
BJ Barham-Hustle
Kris Kristofferson-Honesty
Wade Bowen-Wisdom
Jack Ingram-Barefoot
Charlie Stout-Wordsmith
Evan Felker-Songs
Chris Knight-Greatness
Aaron Watson-Brink
Cody Jinks-Stellar
Red Shahan-Raw
Courtney Patton-Real
Roger Creager-Pioneer
Cody Johnson-Phenom
Josh Abbott-Motivation
Kaitlin Butts-Love (said without one millisecond of hesitation)
Jason Isbell-Honesty
Adam Hood-Long time coming.
Paul Thorn-Mood ring
Larry Joe Taylor-Generous
Cleto Cordero-Blessed

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