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Hypothetical Musical Draft

johnny-football-at-ten-man-jam19(photo credit: 100.3 The Bull)

Few events that are of such little substance receive as much attention as the NFL Draft.  A parade of measurements, pseudo-science and unpredictability mesh together to make what should be a relatively simple process much too complicated.  But, it’s all for TV, so who can blame them?

What insane pick will Jerry Jones make?  Where will Johnny Football land?  Will Mel Kiper’s hair move?  These are the things we want to know.  This all got us to thinking.  What if Texas/Red Dirt/Americana music held a draft?  Who would go first?  Would it be a frontman?  Musician? Songwriter? Tour manager? Producer? Booking agent?

If you were starting a band, much like an expansion team, who would you draft first and why?  

**Put your answer in the comments section of this article.  The best, most insightful or funniest answer, as arbitrarily determined by us after a few Shiner Bocks, wins a pair of Greenfest 14 tickets.

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