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Music Is More Than Math!

We analyze the acoustic properties and mathematical patterns in your music…. We send you an email telling you if any industry professionals are currently seeking a song like yours.

This is wrong on so many levels. At the heart of it, Music Xray, understands that music is math, but they are leaving out the human factor in both creating and consuming. Absolutely shameful.

“Music is the pleasure of the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting.” – Gottfried Leibniz

3 Responses to “Music Is More Than Math!”

  1. I just read something under the FAQs..

    “To conduct a song survey, set your Music Xray’s “Survey” module to default “open” and devise some “yes or no” questions about your song (Is the guitar too loud? Does this song sound like a hit? Should there be a saxophone solo?”

    “Does this song sound like a hit?”

    What kind of question is that? Does anyone one of Kesha or Lady Gaga’s songs sound like a hit? Does anything that the Black Eyed Peas have ever created sound like a hit?

    No, no, no. No! The quality of the music does NOT determine whether something is a hit or not. The amount of speaker rattling bass and, more importantly, the number of top 40 radio spins determines whether it’s a hit or not.

    This xray site is a joke, just like 90% of the music that we humans are embarrassing ourselves with now days.

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  2. Sean Kelly May 10, 2011

    There’s also a website where “Once you enter and submit your lyrics, you will receive instant results giving you suggestions on how to make your song more commercial.”


    Gotta love Nashvegas.

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  3. Vinny The Shark May 10, 2011

    Thank God Grunge only stuck around for a little amount of time and the hair bands are still out making albums and touring.

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