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{Review} Micky and The Motorcars – Ain’t In It For the Money

Micky and The Motorcars have such a unique sound that if you’ve ever heard one song you will instantly recognize them anywhere! This is the main reason I love this band. They combine what country western music is suppose to be – with that Texas edge – creating a style of country that any artist in the world should strive towards! As young as this band is, not only considering their age but that this is only their second album, you would never know listening to ‘Ain’t in it for the Money’.

Most of the songs are written by, or co-written by, Micky Braun. Micky has such an old soul it’s hard to believe you are listening to lyrics written by someone so young in age. The way he can put together lyrics so perfectly to relay his intention is remarkable. In my humble opinion, Micky is one of the top song writers, not just of our time, but PERIOD! This was evident in ‘Which Way from Here’, a remarkable album for their debut, but this latest release is beyond amazing.

The musical talent of these boys is close to unmatched since they have grown as a group. Micky Braun’s acoustic guitar and signature vocals have always been the center of this band, but as proved to us on this release the rest of the band has caught up to Micky’s talent and vigor and brought with them a very tight, on the money sound. Jospeh has really grown and showcases his lead guitar talent more prominently on this release. Mark’s bass it truly the heart beat, and Gary’s talents have grown relentlessly! We also welcome Shane to this album as the newest member, who’s been the drummer for (don’t quote me on this) a year I believe. When Travis left they auditioned quite a few drummers but I truly feel Shane is the best choice and perfect fit for their sound. Travis, I love you man and we all miss you, but I have to admit that Shane brings more to the table on this release than they had before in the drumming section.

If there is one song on this album that I admittedly sometimes skip over when listening to its ‘The Other Side of Town’. I don’t feel this is a bad song, in fact I know most of the words to it (as well as all the other songs) already, however, it just doesn’t quite click with me or grab me like others such as ‘Pointless Love’, ‘Goodbye Lady’, ‘Millions Miles’, and ‘July You’re a Woman’ do – my top 4 pics for this CD.

The title song ‘Aint in it for the Money’ is a toe tapping sing along and I’m sure will become even more prominant at their live shows. If I’m not mistaken (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) this is a Pinto Bennet song. What an amazing song writer and any Braun brother that covers one of Pinto’s songs really brings out the best of his songwriting with their music style. I’ve been hearing them do this song for a while at shows, and I’m so excited that its finally on a CD I can listen to anytime I want! Of course I’m disappointed their cover of ‘Battle of New Orleans’ isn’t at least a hidden track (wink!) but you can’t always get what you want, right?

I highly recommend this CD, not just to Motorcar fans, but to anyone looking to break away from what seems to be becoming a mundane sound lately. No offense to any particular artist, but some of the ‘newer’ (newer to me anyway) bands that I’ve heard recently all run together and carry the same sound and the same tone and the same message. The Motorcars break away from traditionally country, as well as traditional Texas Music. The are in a class that holds very few members in my opinion, and I promise you nobody will be disappointed!

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