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{Off The Cuff} Hogleg and the Pat Green show…

I’m going to start out by saying if you think Pat Green sold out quit reading right now.  I walked out of my house tonight feeling like shit. 

I was bruised up and cut just like ole’ Hank. – WW 
Here I am busted up again another wasted love. -CM

You know what the fuck I’m talking about.  King of Heartbreak here….  I probably deserve it every time.  I’m pretty certain I do.    Hell, I’ve even been called crazy more than once.   I got this!    I had a couple of passes to the Pat Green show at Coupland tonight…  I was going to take this  girl, but learned…  I’m too complex and hard to deal with.  Who knew?  No way!

I was going to bail on going anywhere, sleep sounded way cooler but every cowboy has to get back on the horse right?   In my best Wes Hightower, “I’ll turn it up!”  I decided to quit wallowing in my own self pity and go to the show.  I got out of bed and told Brother Bob, my eldest brother, I had tickets to PG if he wanted some.  He said, well fuck yea, why are you just now telling me?  I replied, “I have no idea.  I’m a jackass.”  Sorry about the explicit lyrics…  that is how Brother Bob talks.

If my grammar sucks on my post deal with it.  If it looks right to me that is all I care about really.  I have my own language called “Loose Language.”    It’s the next Facebook.  You heard it here first.  In the next few years we will have our own Dictionary of Loose.   This is my disclaimer.  Copyright that shit too.

Now back to the Pat Green show!  Say what you want about PG, but I was feeling like 10 piles of shit tonight and I went to Dr. Patrick Craven Green and the fella’s and I’m on a road to recovery,  at minimum I have been vaccinated.   At least until the next time I run across a cow pasture in the dark.  Knowing my impulsive behavior that could be as early as tomorrow.

About Pat…

Pat Green is still a bad ass performer!  I watched it go down tonight so I am telling you some factual k-nowledge.  If I can go to the PG show and get some Ruby’s 2 Sad Daughters, Songs About Texas, Dancehall,  Billy the Kid and get my Wave on I am solidified.  It felt just like it should.  Uhhhhh huh!  haha.  I’ve seen Pat Green a bills worth of times.  I have never been disappointed.  Not eva!  He brings it!  So all you naysayers…. keep saying nay!  Just don’t read my shit.  haha  Pat Green brought me to Texas Music.  Well…. him and Woodrow.   What can I say? I’m loyal.

If I ever start feeling like I’m slipping away from Texas Music because of all the hack ass acts out there.  <——-You know who you are.   He reels me back in.

A night like this truly shows you how healing music can be.  Thank you PG.

So there you have it Tanker.  I’m back.  Careful what you ask for hoss.

Now back to wondering just what and the hell I’m going to do about me.

Tha Leg

PS:  I did miss Brendon Ted Edgar Bates Anthony.  There I said it.  You all agree.

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