Lloyd’s Best Blueprints

Happy  65th birthday to the most prolific and influential producer in the history of modern Texas Music. In the early days, the stamp of having Lloyd Maines name listed in the liner notes as producer meant the album was guaranteed to be great. That has continued well into this most recent decade.  It’s hard to imagine what Texas Music would sound like without Lloyd’s steady hand at the production console.  He gave the early building block records a signature sound.  He managed to string them all together without making them sound the same.  Chances are, if there’s a monster song or album that has come from this scene, Lloyd had a hand in it (with few exceptions).

He can play the hell out of anything with strings. Oh and he’s passed down some pretty great musical genetics too. Enjoy your day Lloyd. And even though you’ve officially reached retirement age, please don’t!  Below  (working from earliest to most recent) are 10 of the finest pieces of recorded music that Lloyd’s had a hand in.  These selections created a blueprint many still try to construct today.  These do not include his groundbreaking Maines Brothers work or his blazing pedal steel/dobro stylings on REK’s Live No. 2.

Charlie Robison – Life of the Party (1998)

Cory Morrow – The Man That I’ve Been (1998)

The Great Divide – Break in the Storm (1998)

Roger Creager – Having Fun All Wrong (1999)

Jason Boland & The Stragglers – Pearl Snaps (1999)
500x500 (1)

Owen Temple – General Store (2000)

Pat Green – Carry On (2000)
Dub Miller – American Troubadour (2001)
Bleu Edmondson – Southland (2001)
Django Walker – Down the Road (2002)

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