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Lincoln “LD” Durham


“Let the wind act as a savior Let it guide like a savior should May the river have mercy have mercy on the drifting wood.” -LD

A lot of you know I have had the pleasure and honor to roll across the country and back and back again with Lincoln and Annie Durham last year. And if you didn’t know let me tell you a little about it.  Everywhere I went people would ask me how did you get this gig? Loving music and people is always the answer. It’s the answer for all of this stuff I do. I really didn’t do much else to get here. There is no straight path to all of this. It’s all pretty organic at the end of the day. I do know this undoubtedly. If you want to grow something in life you have to water it with passion. I remember when I agreed to take the Lincoln gig I asked where we were going first? Annie said, “Tupelo, Mississippi we leave on Thursday.” Sounded like a great place to start. I had no idea what would happen over the next year. The gigs, the cities, the miles, taking a shit in a trash can… I wouldn’t trade for any of it. It was as killer as you think it was. I’m ready to do it again if duty calls.

I will say I didn’t take the gig to be just a merch guy. Hell, I’m 41 years old. No disrespect to the merch guys of the world. I loved every second of it. Selling merch is a really important gig that needs to be taken seriously by bands. You make money a couple of ways on the road. Don’t cripple yourself with little to no marketing plan or brand messaging for your company to sell. Your band is your company. It needs to be treated it as such. That is if you are serious about your career. It also takes a certain personality to be a successful Merch Duderino too. I was made for it really. I’m like merch dude on steroids. You have to be ready for all walks of life to cross your path and more than likely talk to all of them. All things of which I excel in, but it was always bigger picture than that for me. It still is and always will be. Don’t get me wrong I loved selling Lincoln’s art. It was an easy sell. Shit, it literally sold itself.

“Hey Hogleg, how much are CD’s?” “Man, they are $15 bucks or… tonight only they are 2 for $30.”  haha

Needless to say, I sold a lot of combo packs. Especially in some of the mid-western regions of the map. :) I rode with the Durham’s for the love of the game. I did it so I could help Lincoln and Annie Durham level up in any way I could. I believe in the art and that is enough for me. I have the utmost respect on how these two run their business. I certainly got all the M&M’s I wanted. I was just there for when somebody had to whip a dude with a saxophone ass in Amarillo, Texas. I couldn’t let LD break a nail. ;)

I loved every gig and mile out there because LD made me love it.  His art, passion, drive, work ethic and tunes were inspiring. He’s got all the intangibles and it made a huge impression on me early on. I can honestly say I never saw LD do a lay-up to get through a show. No matter how far we traveled or how tired we were. Lincoln was our lift from 10 pm to 2 am. It was high-octane piss and vinegar every night. You couldn’t help but be fucking excited. It was infectious to say the least. Lincoln Monroe Durham is a workhorse. I guarantee that you will be hard pressed to find a guy who is as hard-working at his craft and willing to make whatever sacrifice needed to bring his music to his fans. I know because I had a front row seat for a year. Watching LD come into his own and find his direction out there on that road. It was something to see. There is something about watching the climb happen. Every time I thought he rocked my face off, he would rip the scab off the next night. I’ll be damned if there wasn’t blood all over the floor again. So killer…


Galleywinter has been collectively following Lincoln’s career for a while now. This will be his 3rd Greenfest to play for us.  We watched him leave behind the porch board and introduce us to the suitcase, kick drum and the cigar box guitar. On our way to Tupelo, my first gig we picked up that floor tom he’s been recently kicking off the stage. We used to talk about the day when Lincoln has a triple kick-drum in front of him. Just kicking the shit out of them. I’m still in on that by the way.

One thing I dig about LD is he’s always willing to play first on a co-bill. After watching him kill it every night for a year. I started finding myself feeling sorry for the headliner. LD will give you a hard 45mins of everybody dies now follow that shit. It almost feels like a scolding of sorts. Lincoln Durham is seriously the most talented and rounded artist I know. You can pick whoever you want and I’ll take LD first round draft choice every time. No disrespect to all the talented artists I know, but c’mon on man. A spade is a spade.





LD and Annie will be driving in from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to be at Greenfest this year. I know what that run looks like as many of you do. If you are thinking about coming to Greenfest and you are  inside of the Texas or Oklahoma border. LD has made sure there are no acceptable excuses from any of you. LD’s driving in, setting up gear and melting faces. He’ll more than likely be eating bananas on the ride in…or loaves of kale. Don’t worry LD, I’ll have some expired Vitamin C for you when you get to New Braunfels. Should get you where you need to be before showtime. That’s really all the water cooler talk I have to share friends. I know the three of us had some great nights together doing work out there. You wouldn’t know it by the lyrical content, but Lincoln actually laughs more than one would think. Don’t get too comfortable with the idea though. He’s still relatively greasy.

If you are a long time fan of Lincoln Durham or Greenfest will be your first time. I will guarantee you the $15 price of admission is worth this guy alone. When someone is hitting their stride creatively it is special. I believe Lincoln Durham is on the cusp of being a household name. I always have. If a talent like Lincoln can’t make it in this crazy music business. This shit really is all messed up. So, July 26th LD is coming and he’s bringing new toys to play with. Come see it first at Greenfest. I’ll be the one stomping a hole in River Road Icehouse’s foundation. Sinners Congregate.

 LD and his Banana “Sorry LD” ha


Annie, LD and Hogleg “The Mint” in L.A.

IMG_6783 - CopyPeace y’all & See you at Greenfest14-

Best gig I’ve ever had-

Thank you for letting me ride. Lock it up LD. ;)

Hogleg or J.P. depending on who is asking. If it’s Jon Paul it’s probably my moma and I’m more than likely in trouble again.

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  1. Jeanette Long Winn July 17, 2014

    JonPaul your awesome I’m so proud of you love you Moma

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  2. Maureen July 17, 2014

    nice piece of writing, JP!

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  3. It’s inspiring to hear how you have been inspired to write such a heart felt commentary. Raw, guttural emotive passionate live music from that “Dude”. I play him for anyone who’ll listen. Have fun in the hill country, we gotta work…

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