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Lift Up Jonny Keys

This evening, Uncle Lucius released a statement concerning their rocking keys player Jonny “Keys” Grossman.  Jonny’s come up against a tough medical situation and it’s time for our music community to rally behind him in prayer, thought, meditation or whatever ritual you believe in.  Below is the statement released by the band and a video of Jonny jamming out on his instrument as only he can.  We’re behind you brother!


WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS AND MEDITATION! Jon is having open heart surgery in the morning here in Austin. He has a torn aorta and suffered an aneurysm, but they say it was caught early and he should be ok. He has a “rock-star surgeon” that is confident Jon will be alright. We would really appreciate if you could pray or meditate for his health. It DOES make a difference! ~Uncle Lucius

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  1. Name (required) February 15, 2013

    Thanks for being there to help us celebrate our anniversary last week at Mucky Duck’s in Houston. Our heartfelt prayers go out to Jonny and the rest of our family at Uncle Luciius. Our prayers are with you all. Y’all let us know if we can do anything to help.
    – Sincerely, Dean and Catherine Ballard

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