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Larry Joe Taylor 2013, a Photographer’s First Experience.

Finally in 2013, I was able to cross “attend Larry Joe Taylor Musicfest” off of my bucket list. Not only did I attend, I photographed the 5 day festival. In preparation of this “Redneck Woodstock” I took to social media as any girl would do to ask my followers what would be the right attire for this festival. I’ve been to tons of festivals before, not just in the Texas Music Scene, but all types of genres and I wanted to make the best impression. My followers did not fail me with suggestions such as: birthday suit, body paint, sweater, jeans and uncomfortable shoes, Texas flag art, cut off shirts and shorts, and even a monkey costume. Awesome. My friends obviously take me seriously.

Everyone that had been before kept telling me, you’ll never have an experience like this again. Boy were they right. First off everything in my suitcase went out the window the first night I arrived ready for the 90 degree weather and it was warm 30 degrees. I hit the merch shed as soon as I got there and layered up. I made my way to the pit with a sparkle in my eye and was ready to shoot some of my heroes. Then, the cold sleet/rain started and I lost all feeling in my hands within the first four songs of Pat Green. I looked out into the crowd and people were shirtless, drinking beer and acting as if we were in Cabo on the beach. I thought to myself, this is night one and people are already getting crazy. I wonder what will the scene look like on day 5?

Throughout the rest of the week I photographed, photographed, photographed and did I mention photographed? The weather warmed up to a decent temperature. The line up each day was amazing. I got to see artists who I haven’t talked to in ages and I fell in more love with the scene. I met some really cool people working the festival and I felt like I was leaving my new best friends on Saturday night. Throughout the week, I was amazed at some of the attire that people had on. To be young again. I saw loin cloths,Teletubbies, skin, a Trojan horse, raccoon hats, more skin, drunk college kids, drunk cougars, drunk grandparents, body parts I’ll never forget even with an intense amount of therapy, more drunk college kids, and a lot of Texas inspired tattoos. I met and took a photo with Red Dirt Randy, I came home with an entire new wardrobe full of merch, and most importantly, I came home counting down to next year’s festival.

Although next year, I think I just might photograph the different creatures that inhabit this festival. I can’t believe over 55,000 people came to this ranch outside of Stephenville from all over the United States to see some kick ass music. Then again, this is what this scene thrives on, making music for their fans.

Hope you enjoy the photos from the festival!


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  1. Do you have any pictures of this teletubby you spoke of.

    That was me.

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