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Keeping the grass in the roots.

Thank you to everyone who has jumped in and bought your tickets to #gf14. It’s cool to have so many of you behind this. Words cannot express our gratitude. Tank, Brad and myself have been at this for a long time it seems. We’ve all paid some dues to keep this thing going along the way.

At end of night:

Tank, “Hey Hogleg, how much money you have?” -Greenfest 6 or 7

Point is that it hasn’t always been easy. We’ve bumped our heads a few times and into one another. Hell, I think I’ve bumped heads with most folks if they get around me long enough. haha Sometimes it’s completely unintentional and sometimes I’m aiming to give you a flying squirrel headbutt. One thing I know is this k-nowledge. If there is no fight in you. There is no passion. Our cup runneth over in the passion department. Tank and I promised one another when we started this gig was there will be no quitting. You can’t throw a festival 4-5 years and quit. That’s weak.

Greenfest is not about bringing you the artist everyone thinks is the shit right now to sell a bunch of tickets. It’s about bringing you bands and artists we think should be and are to the fore-front. We booked a band called the Turnpike Troubadours a few years back to open Greenfest for $500 bucks. That was another “How much money you got Hogleg?” year. I’m thinking that Turnpike fee has gone up a little. Maybe a tinge. Who’s counting? Same deal with a little band called Uncle Lucius. They played it for the second time last year and blew the roof off. Our event is about opening your ears to something besides the normal helping you’re fed. That force feeding can range from shitty to tragically shitty in a lot of cases. I believe we have the best mix we have ever put together this year. We pride ourselves on our selections year to year. I started putting this lineup together in my busy mind last July when Greenfest 13 ended. We could literally let these bands and artists draw a number from a hat for pecking order on Saturday night. If you want to make non-stop rocking possible on Saturday, July 26th that’s what we are going to be doing at River Road Ice House. You don’t want to miss the first band or the last. There is going to be plenty of food, so there is no reason to miss any of it.

Sunday, always ends up being special. I credit that to Drew Kennedy our silent 4th partner. He’s certainly got stock when we go twice as public as we currently are when we thought that we were public before.  He’s got a lot of really talented friends that dude. Sunday is the day to listen, reflect and heal your soul. Pastor Walt Wilkins is going to lead the sermon. It’s going to be a cleansing. Church with burgers and cold beer. Being baptized in the river. Sign me up. Every time all the time. Go read through that Sunday lineup and explain to me how you could not possibly want a piece of that. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. See y’all there. Bring all your loose $5 bills.

Greenfest is about building your music family. We are going to be doing plenty of that too. The tunes I have personally enjoyed through this journey are killer, but the relationships I have made trumps all. I have friends who are married with babies because they met at Greenfest. That’s cool as shit.

Anyway, thank you all. I am extremely grateful for all of the support. I know Tank and Bradley feel the same way. Galleywinter is a non-profit entity. You don’t see a bunch of ads on our web site and never have. You don’t see a whole list of sponsors for our event and you won’t. We do this because we love music. Love me or hate me I am a passionate dude. That’s truth. I’m not scared to fail so I succeed. We price our ticket at $15 for a reason. We are trying to get folks together. We are not trying to take anyone’s head off. We are just 3 dudes who want to throw an epic party at the end of the day. Unfortunately, epic parties require contracts and money. We appreciate your ticket purchase and the opportunity to let us melt your faces. I’m pretty confident we got it covered.

Thank you to Tank and Brad. None of this would be possible without those dudes. Thank you to all of the artists who are coming to share their talents with us. We are grateful and love doing our small part to help you succeed and be heard above all. Galleywinter is all of us. Thank you to everyone who wants to be a part of it.

Keeping the grass in the roots.



PS: 9, 10 or 11 time returning Greenfest Champ Adam Hood will be returning too. Love that dude.

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