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{Review} Jonny Burke’s new EP


Jonny Burke just released a pretty incredible self-titled EP that’s been in regular rotation in my playlist, so I figured I’d spread the word of good music. It’s got 3 songs that include the old Dedringer favorite, “Heart of Gold”… I absolutely love when songs can get new life and Heart of Gold is one that deserves it. Also coming strong on the EP is “Problems”, a co-write with Hayes Carll that took place over an afternoon of laughing and talking about how most of the song is stuff that really happened to them.

To say Jonny Burke turned a corner with this EP would be an insult since he’s been playing great music for such a long time. I see it more as a line in the sand… A place to stand and look forward as to what is to come.

Jonny actually reminds me of watching Brad Pitt’s character, Mickey, in the movie Snatch. A lively bare knuckle boxer that swaggers in, punches you straight in the teeth and then goes back to his corner for a drink and a laugh while you’re wondering what just happened. And honestly, getting punched in the face is sometimes just the best way to listen to music… especially in this case.

Check out EP here. It costs $3.87 which is about what 2 breakfast tacos cost if you’re feeling really hungry. If you at all like the previews then buy this damn EP and enjoy life for 12 minutes while you listen to it.

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