Houston Marchman

Houston Marchman is a songwriter who colors a bit outside the lines and is often found showcasing the rougher side of life.  Never afraid to tackle subject matter that meeker writers might shy away from, Marchman has written songs about classic country themes involving murder, drug abuse, alcohol, and jail time.  But, it’s his blistering take down of the Nashville music machine in “Viet-Nashville” that truly earns him a spot among our Texas Treasure series and Drop playlist.  Marchman experienced the music industry in Tennessee first hand in the mid 90s and quickly took the things he learned there into a biting commentary on modern country music.  First released in 1995, the “8th grade level divorced houswife” he was told to write for, still seems to be mainstream country’s target demo.  Listen for yourself and be reminded that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The entire album is a nice slice of late 90′s Texas Music and is very much in line with the type of Americana music Chris Knight would make in the ensuing years.  It is available at LoneStarMusic.com and for streaming on Spotify

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