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Hogleg’s Memorial Weekend

If your Memorial Weekend sucked you should have hung out with me.  You’re always invited.

After seeing my Twitter feed blow up with Rob Baird’s new record I Swear It’s The Truth I figured I would roll down to Lone Star Music for his in-store to see what all the fuss was about.  I got there and it was over.  Story of my life… a day late and a dollar short.  I did however get to talk to Rob and ask him if he really swears it’s the truth.  He swore it was, so I bought his new record. (autographed copy…hahaha)  I think that is what I really look for in music, honesty and an autographed copy. Hey Jack, if you’re looking for a Pat Green autograph, I can hook you up.  I know just the place that has some.  Talking about cover records I picked up Paul Thorn’s new release What the Hell is Goin On? and some LuceroWomen and Work on vinyl.  Without my ADD taking over and writing a review of Paul’s new record it’s killer and Thorn makes you believe those songs are all his. I love it, but I love all Paul’s stuff so no big surprise there.  Rob told me he was going to be playing down at River Road, so after putting my best foot forward to float the keg at Lone Star Music I decided I was going to head down to the river to check it out.  I went home picked up Krissy and her, Lucille and I headed down to River Road to the Rob Baird experience.

What can I say?  This kid has talent, originality and and his guitar player is good times too.  His songs were great, his stage presence was great and he does a spot on Adam Hood impersonation.    What more do you really need here?  I didn’t really know his music, so I was flying blind a little bit.  Krissy liked it and she will chew up an artist and spit them out, so if she gives you a pass it means something.  It’s funny the song that really got my attention Louise is not on the new record.  I’m difficult like that though, I have references if you need them.  I’ll be back for an encore for sure.

This post is not all about music…  Lucille decided she didn’t want to start at the end of the night.  This was after Krissy and I sat on the tailgate until we were the last of the Mohicans at River Road besides the bands.  After a couple of ahhhhh shits I went back inside and asked Rob if the van could give me a jump. Rob said, “You have cables?”  I said, “It’s a 66 Ford, yes.” haha… I walked out hooked my end up and proceeded to do an Indian Outlaw dance in the parking lot making sparks with the positive and negative on the other end.  There is pictures somewhere.  Rob comes out and ask if I’m ready.  I said, “Yes, let me give her one more try.”  VRRRRRHOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!! LUUUUUUUUUCILLLLLLLLE!!!!!!  Basically the moral of this story is I jumped myself off.  Try that shit kids.  Don’t think I can’t.  Rob said, “You are the only person I have ever met you jumped their truck off without another car or truck.” We almost were pushing a Ford Mr. Baird. Thanks for telling the truth by the way.  Swearer.

Saturday morning I woke up replaced an alternator on Lucille and we headed to Austin for my son Ethan Paul “The heir to the throne” 14th birthday party.  Yes, I have a 14 year old.  I have offspring.  If this makes you nervous maybe it should. Another Hogleg….  He’s a great kid and I am thankful for his mother who makes sure of it.  Happy 14th Birthday Ethan Paul E.P.  You are the love of my life.

Easy Sunday… It’s taken me 39.5 years and living in New Braunfels to realize I don’t have to float the river.  I can just go post up at the Lone Star Float house with my girl, a cooler full of beers and a few buckets of loose juice and all is good. It’s way more fun watching all the drunks try to get out of their toobs at the end then being the drunk trying to get out of their toob at the end of the ride. I have been that guy on a couple of different occasions.  It wasn’t one of my finer moments.  That being said I think we have found our favorite activity for the summer no doubt.  Growing up isn’t so bad I guess…  so I heard.

Up next: Jason Boland and The Stragglers and Pat Green at River Road.  What a perfect date night.  Krissy’s favorite and mine all rolled up into one.  There was no opening band and closing band for this show.  This was two heavyweight badasses going toe to toe.

Boland’s set list:

Bourbon Legend

Somewhere Down in Texas

Tulsa Time

Comal County Blues

Pearl Snaps

Blowing Through The Hills

Electric Bill (new song)

Mary Ellen’s

Tennessee Whiskey


Proud Souls


Outlaw Band

Where do you even find time to take a piss or grab a beer during a set comprised of these jams?  Did I mention that Roger Ray’s steel guitar is the one that says “Bad Mother Fucker” on it?  If you are a new and up and coming band trying to play country music.  Here are a couple of tips for you.  Don’t try and steal what Jason Boland is doing (not even possible), but learn from it.

Number 2 Tip:  Don’t ever use this font in your logo.  Ever again.  I mean never.

What is Black Dirt Texas Music?  Is it better than the Brown Dirt Texas Music we already have?  Stay tuned I guess….

Check out this setlist:


Carry On


Here We Go

Feels Just Like It Should (Uh huh)

Don’t Break My Heart Again

Texas and Mexico


3 Days

All Just To Get To You

Baby Doll (piss break and beer run)

College (another piss break and beer run)

Texas on My Mind

Let Me

Southbound 35

You Wreck Me Baby back into Southbound 35

George’s Bar Acoustic

Songs About Texas Acoustic leading into full band

The end.

I love Brett Danaher.  He’s been in the Pat Green band since I’ve been making the run.  He’s the guy everyone needs in their band no doubt.  I missed T-Bay on bass.  The guy filling in gave it hell, but Pollard and T-Bay keep that rhythm section in the pocket.  If you are reading T-Bay get your ass back where you belong.  Say what you will about Pat Green, but he’s still at the top of the chain when it comes to entertaining folk.  I still believe.

“I’m moving like the wind through the trees, like a train on a track, there ain’t no stopping me,” “Let the wheels spin free.” -Rob Baird

Take care folks and love the one you’re with, but love yourself first.

Told you all you should have hung out with me.  Next time.


PS: Thank you Krissy. ;)

Disclaimer:  If my grammar or punctuation sucks I wasn’t trying for it to be good anyhow. I just write this stuff. ;)

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