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Having a Better Friday Than Rebecca Black

With all the buzz surrounding Rebecca Black’s atrocious “Friday”, it got us to thinking…what are the best Texas Music songs about the last day of the work week.  Check out our picks and let us know which ones  we may have missed. (ed. note-The last 2 picks weren’t able to be embedded so we’ve hyperlinked them.)

Randy Rogers Band-“Like It Used To Be”

It’s been a hard week indeed.  So, your lady’s gonna put on her favorite dress and the two of you are going to head downtown to shoot the lights out.

Jack Ingram-“Great Divide”

Perhaps one of the few things we are prouder of in this state than our music is our high school football.  Jack Ingram tackles the spectacle of the Friday night lights and how it captivates small town Texas each fall.

Josh Abbott-“Road Trippin'”

It’s not quite the Sunday side of a road trip weekend yet, so the whole world is in front of you and your friends as y’all set off for adventures that are sure to be epic…if even for just the weekend.

Ryan Turner-“Julie’s Gonna Dance”

Julie’s bored with her small town existence and after getting off work on Friday, she packs up her car with her friends and cerveza with plans to head to Mexico.

The Great Divide-“Out of Here Tonight”

While Mike McClure and the gang never directly reference Friday or the weekend in this song, the throw caution to the wind notion sure fits how most folks feel Friday at 5PM.  Fed up after a tough week and just wanting to get away for the weekend…even if it is to west Texas.


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