Haley Cole’s Illusions

cover170x170I’ll be honest – I’m late to jump on the Haley Cole train…but I’m here now, and I’ll be riding till the end. Her latest release, Illusions, is seven songs of soulful melodies and raw, emotional lyrics, containing songs about love, letting go, and finding her purpose. Produced by David Beck (formerly of Sons of Fathers), it’s an ideal blend of upbeat, energetic songs, and soothing ballads. It isn’t overdone or overproduced, the harmonies are perfectly executed, and the fiddle in “Runaway” makes me swoon every time I hear it. I have yet to see Haley perform live or to meet her, but after obsessively listening to this album for two days, I feel like I know her. All you south Texas folks that have the privilege of seeing her any of the multiple times she’s playing in your area, take full advantage! Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Haley in DFW this year.

Haley Cole – “Roses” on The Drop

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