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Greenfest Sunday: Kickstarting the Tip Jar at the Live Concertwindow


In this day and age of modern music the Kickstarter method of raising funds to make records is very common.  That concept is becoming so murky that recently, as a bit, a man started a Kickstarter to fund a potato salad purchase to prove a point.  The last time I saw a story on it, he had over $40,000.

We added the Sunday portion of Greenfest five years ago.  In the early days of Greenfest we’d had a number of acoustic acts in front of the full bands on Saturday night and they always got swallowed up sonically.  There were notable exceptions such as the time Stoney LaRue headlined acoustic with the fiddle of Jeremy Watkins as his only accompaniment. For folks that have attended many Greenfests, that set still stands out and is talked about with great reverence.

We love acoustic music and songswap sets just as much as the rock show, and we wanted to give a stage to that.  But, we didn’t want it to have a stuffy listening room vibe.  Mind you, we expect that you’re quiet during the songs if you’re near the stage, but we also wanted to provide an area that would enable folks to chat and party periodically without ruining anyone’s vibe.

That led us to the Hill Country mecca of Lone Star Floathouse.  Terry Gillespie and the gang have been on board with our ideas from day one.  They are the coolest floating outfitter on River Road and have the best hamburgers you’ll find south of Austin.  Terry has been gracious enough to let us take over one of his Sunday Serenade slots for the past few years.

Another key cog in the Greenfest Sunday experience is Drew Kennedy.  The multi-talented DK has played a significant role as our de facto host.  The Sunday show runs like an old time radio show.  Think of it like the Texas Opry has hosted at a tubing restaurant on the Guadalupe River and hosted by DK. Sets of acoustic music kick off while the sun is still blazing and end up under the glow of the moon. (Or sometimes even IN the water! z).

The Sunday event is special. The artists donate their time.  The seats get full by lunch time.  The beer stays cold.  The river flows onward.  The feeling of community and one abounds.

Which brings me back to Kickstarter.

You see, I mentioned these Sunday artists donate their time.  They’re playing this gig just like if they were showing up to your local radio station to visit and play a few tunes.  Except it’s not being broadcast.  It’s just for those of us lucky enough to be in attendance.  In years past, the way we’ve repaid them is to have a tip jar in front of the stage.  After each set whatever was in the jar went to the guys and gals in that group.  We plan to do that again.  But, we’re encouraging you to bring some cash.

Treat this experience like a live Kickstarter or Concertwindow.  There’s no cover charge!  So, if they play something you dig or you really enjoy something throw something in the tip jar.  It’s that simple.  They’re here to play for you because they appreciate the true fans that come to Galleywinter shows.  Recirpocate the respect.

Here are the Sunday pairings…please bring some cash for tips!

3-Billy Broome, Jade & Bryan, Kensie Coppin
4-Doug Moreland, Rodney Hayden, Courtney Patton
5-Jackie Darlene, John Dempsy, Austin Meade
6-Nate Rodriguez, Austin Gilliam, Erick Willis
7-Red Shahan, John Baumann, Charlie Stout, Jonny Burke 
8:30-Drew Kennedy, Josh Grider, Chris King


Tickets: https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1161977-galleywinter-greenfest-new-braunfels/

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