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Greenfest Artist Preview: Erick Willis


Erick Willis comes to us in the tradition of the soulful singer/songwriters that have resonated with fans across the state the past few years such as Sean McConnell and Josh Weathers.  Erick’s sound is drawing rave reviews and well-deserved attention from a growing legion of supporters, and with good reason.  His smooth style sets him apart from the crowded field of new artists trying to make their marks.  Erick has made his mark by being true to himself, writing songs that capture a particular emotion and then delivering them with unrivaled passion.  At GF16, you’ll see what the buzz is about.

Greenfest Tickets:  GF TIX

Performance date/time:  Sun July 24 at Lone Star Floathouse.  Approx 6PM.

Years at Greenfest:  Two

Twitter:  @Erick_Willis

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