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Greenfest Artist Preview: Charlie Stout


Charlie Stout is a multi-faceted artist, perhaps best known for his work behind the camera lens as opposed to his work bending six strings; however, his songwriting is every bit as vivid and praiseworthy as his photography.  Although not native to Texas, Stout’s work and personality lend themselves to a certain Texas pedigree and charm that is undeniably riveting.  This stuff is deep, this stuff is grand, this is something to truly behold.  He recorded an amazing album in an abandoned church. He is the real deal. Come see what Charlie has to say, share and show at #GF16.

Greenfest tickets:  GF TIX!

Performance date/time:  Sun July 24 at Lone Star Floathouse.  7PM.

Years at Greenfest:  Two

Twitter:  @charliestout


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