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Greenfest Artist Preview: Brandy Zdan


Nobody is making the Greenfest run from a point further than Brandy Zdan.  The multi-talented songwriter and musician comes to us from Canada.  Last year, she graced us with her presence onstage at RRIH with K Phillips full band venture and then hopped up to sing a couple tunes at the Float House.  During her set, she rightly chided us for not including more females in the lineup.  We’ve rectified that this year, and with Brandy atop the list.  She’s collaborated with a number of artists, many of whom will be in attendance at GF14.  Her songs are beautifully crafted and performed, you will be able to hear that beauty firsthand at the Float House.  Come see Canada’s greatest export, the music of Brandy Zdan.

Greenfest tickets:  http://greenfest.preferredfan.com/

Performance date/time:  Sun July 27 at Lone Star Float House. 5PM

Years at Greenfest:  2


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