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GreenFest 13 is Uncle Lucius, Adam Hood, K Phillips and The Concho Pearls, Quaker City Night Hawks, Josh Weathers and Javi Garcia.

All full band shows. All Rock & Roll.

And that is just Saturday.

Make your plans now. -Hogleg

4 Responses to “GREENFEST 13”

  1. Straggler42 April 26, 2013

    This will be my first one to attend. I am excited about it being a pure rock n roll show. However, I do miss the initial genre that drew me to this music back in 2002…country. I love all these bands, and it has been pretty cool to watch this scene evolve over time. That said, I miss the country aspect of it.

    I remember back whenever I first started getting introduced to this music it was all Cory Morrow, Pat Green, Jason Boland, Max Stalling, Doug Moreland, and just lots of country artists. I notice the “country” part isn’t as prominent as much anymore. Aside from Jason Eady, I would say most of these artists lean much more in a rock, soul, or blues direction.

    I remember hearing Jason Boland & The Stragglers for the first time…and “Texas Country” in particular. It was the fiddle that sucked me in, and a sound that said “Texas” all over it.

    I’m still enjoying the rock n roll aspect, I always have. Love Cross Canadian Ragweed and Reckless Kelly was always a rock band with country influences in my opinion. I do not like to pigeonhole anything honestly.

    I’m not even really sure what I’m saying…lol. Just maybe the scene as a whole as a more rock n roll feel to it now than it did 10 years ago, whenever, to me at least, it had a more country feel to it.

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  2. Jon Paul "Hogleg" Long April 27, 2013

    First, I’m glad you are coming to hang with us. Way kick ass. Second, I totally hear what you’re saying about back in the day. It’s all stored away in my mind. At least it happened and we were there. :) Although the sound of Texas Country Music has taken a shift. A shift I don’t totally dig, I’m glad it happened the way it did because it made me dig in and find a lot of great music out there. I think we have grown as a website and community because of the change. I support what I want and leave the other stuff alone. I will add that nothing would make me happier than a new kick ass PG record. I hope we get that before too long. I was talking to a young musician last night who asked me if I thought Pat could get his seat back in all this. I believe he totally could if he desired to. He’s Pat Green and that charisma he has a artist and performer can’t be denied. Peace- Hogleg

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  3. Bess Kidd July 8, 2013

    Hey John,
    What time are doors on the 27th? I’m making the bartender schedule. talk to you soon! Bess

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