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Goodbye Mr. Monahan


When news broke recently that Casey Monahan had been forced out as the director of the Texas Music Office, a swift and massive outrcry began among those of us who support, create and cherish the arts in this state. For good reason.  Monahan has overseen an explosion of musical innovation in the 25 years he has been at his post.  Since the inception of such an office.  The reason for his ouster is hard to ascertain despite shake-ups being rather common post election cycle.  He has faithfully served administrations of both major parties and withstood wide-ranging budget cuts and office demands over his three decades in state office leadership.  This non-partisan position is responsible for a great deal of revenue within our borders.  The promotion of our music both contemporarily and historically is of great visage and importance.  Nobody has had a bigger hand in shaping the Texas Music business model into the behemoth it has become.

As the Dallas Morning News said,”No one did more to promote Texas music, from mariachi to punk to country. And no one loves Texas music more.”

News on a successor has been hard to come by.  Political rumblings have thrown out rumors but no viable names as of yet.  Whoever takes on this role will be held to a high standard.  He or she will be facing a mountain of work greater than he/she most likely anticipates.  This positions requires a person that can be patient with all audiences but push the right buttons when need be.  It’s a behind the scenes job with top-line billing pressure.  The music industry at large is in a very precarious stage.  The spotlight in Texas is even brighter due to our outstanding financial successes as an industry unto ourselves.  Here’s to hoping whoever takes Casey Monahan’s place does half as good of a job as he’s done the past quarter century.

Former fiddle player for Pat Green, Brendon Anthony, has been chosen to take the spot.

3 Responses to “Goodbye Mr. Monahan”

  1. justin d January 19, 2015

    This is still some of the most upsetting news from our state. Also, unfortunately, a very telling sign about how our politicians view the arts. I can only hope that they don’t continue this destructive trend with our education system as a whole (which they already have destroyed) and our arts/music education system (which they will completely destroy if it isn’t done so already.) I have never been so ashamed of the “leaders” of our state

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  2. justin d January 19, 2015

    I think my comment was too long so it follows with:

    This goes past the “Texas Country” scene. Mr. Monahan did a fantastic job throughout his tenure and helped create, evolve, push, promote, and maintain our state’s music scene and history for a long time. Not many people, if anyone, could take us to where he did during his time and I for one am anxious and unnerved to see what happens from here.

    I’ve never been more ashamed of the representatives of our state than I was after I heard this decision.


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