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Gone to the Last Mile

Tomorrow, we will descend on the infamous community of Key West, Florida for an inaugural Texas/Red Dirt festival.  What happens when a bunch of Texans and Oklahomans hit the land of Buffett and Hemingway? Well, we plan to document it all.  Similar to our trip to Hangout Fest.  But, this time it’s all of our music.  Tweets, Instagram, interviews, audio, video and more.  We plan to cover the fest from many different angles…tourist, musicians, local, fan, media and pure curiosity seeker.  Festivals are hard work (shoutout to River Jam-info coming soon!), even more so in a first year in a secluded locale.  Fear not, the Mile 0 folks have transplanted tons of experts down to the Keys to make sure this thing happens without a hitch.  It’s the first of many and we’re stoked to take part.  See you in the Keys.

“I want to get to Key West and away from it all.” -Ernest Hemingway

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