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{Review} Gary Floater-Floater Rising

The legends of country music are mostly known by one name monikers:  Waylon, Cash, Willie, Hank etc.  A name that most people don’t add to that list is Floater, as in Gary Floater.  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Floater for a 20 Questions feature that will be posted in the coming weeks.  It was awe inspiring to be in the company of such greatness.

Floater is singlehandedly responsible for the greatest movement in country music over the past decade: inane songs about how country he and his life are.  He is personally responsible for artists like Jason Aldean, Craig Morgan and Justin Moore.  Undeniable songs like “That’s What I’m Gonna Do” feature lyrics such as:

Gonna kiss my kids and go to work

drive around in a truck like a big ‘ol jerk

Punch the clock, then I’ll drink a brew…that’s what I’m gonna do

Where else can you find brilliance like this?  Subtlety and irony are not part of Floater’s brilliant artistic style.  “Coach’s Song” adds some emotional weight to the territory mined by songs like Kenny Chesney’s “Boys of Fall”.

The Miami, Missouri native set out to make music for the money and makes no apologies for being the single biggest influence in country music over the past four decades despite only being 25 years old.  His ode to gluttony, “Pull Over I Wanna Eat That” is spectacular in the manner with which he is able to singly list items he wants to eat.

With summer coming on, Jimmy Buffett better watch his empire as Floater’s “Sunburn Lake” is sure to be the next big anthem for boomer escapism.  Take a trip with Floater’s jorts-wearing protagonist as he travels past sh*thead dam and jackass creek all while making Sunburn Lake sound like the most depraved water recreation area in the United States.

However, the true gem of the album is “Americana Me”.  This song takes to task the folks in the Americana scene who actually care about such trivial things as meaningful lyrics, melodies and credibility.  Only Floater would dare to make a song about his grandpa, his guitar and Americana music and pair it with a Bakersfield country guitar solo.

Released on April 1st by pure coincidence, Floater Rising is produced by legendary producer Flip Dickerson.  Dickerson’s trademark sound produces another album that sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom and mixed in a van by the river.  This authenticity provides an artistic balance to Floater’s irresistible charisma and talent.

Listen to Gary Floater HERE.

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