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Galleywinter Operation Christmas UPDATE

For Christmas 2005 Galleywinter came together and helped out the Greer Family. The kindness and compassion shown by the members of this community and the greater Texas Music community was outstanding. The Greer Family wanted to say thanks to all that helped. The following is a letter direct from the family to you. Thanks!

To everybody,

I’m not really good about putting my thoughts down into words but I’m gonna try my best. I just wanted to say thank you to everybody to participated in what made my family’s best Christmas ever. This year we were honestly worried if we were even going to be able to have Christmas at all when we got the shock of our lifetimes. To think that people thought of us when there is soo much other bad stuff goin on in the world and people hurting a whole lot more than we are just warms my heart. I have no idea what we would have done this year if it wasn’t for ya’ll. And I had NO IDEA!!! Ya’ll are some of the sneakiest people around I think!!

I want to thank Nee Nee, Danny, Jesse, Mellisa and Dan, Mandy, Junebug, Meredith and Grayson, Scott and Susan, Mom, MamaBleu, Monty and those Stragglers boys, Kelley Peterson, Elme, Lisa in England, Ballerina Jamie, Dawn Renee, Stu, HayJay, Cheryl, DJ, Boston Meg, Kayce and my boys, Jenn, Caroline, Stephanie, Tori, and whoever else I might have missed. If I forgot your name her I’m soo sorry. It’s been 3 or so weeks later and im still overwhelmed. Everybody who sent something please pm or email me an actual address so that I can send out a proper thank you card.

Thank you all again. Sorry this is soo late in coming out. Wes just got out of the hospital and with my accident we are staying at his sister’s house for a few days. Thanks Again!!!!!!

Love to All,

Kristen, Wes, and Trent Greer

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