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Lew Card’s “Condo Town Rag” Video

Lew Card’s “Condo Town Rag” video is the most inventive we’ve seen in OKOM since American Aquarium’s “Southern Sadness” clip.

Here’s what Lew told the folks at Innocent Words about the project:

“I knew early on during the recording process for Follow Me Down that I wanted to do a video for Condo Town Rag. The subject matter for the song is so relevant to everything that is going on across the country. It seems like so many cities are in the middle of an identity crisis.. Instead of refurbishing the existing character, they just get rid of the old,follow suit with the rest of the country, and build something new, fast, and easy. I’m not saying that progress isn’t good, but when the ones in charge of the progress are only in it for the money, then it looses its luster. “There ain’t no medicine at this show/everybody around here knows/that it’s just sugar in the pan/people see what they wanna believe/I believe I sent those theives/take every single ounce of this land.” This song is very much about the battle between the underdog and the heads in charge.

I met the Director, Toben Seymour, through a friend in Austin. I was looking for someone to animate the content of the lyrics into a visual piece that flowed with the song. Toben lives in Los Angeles but his wife has family in Austin and he understood the change that I was singing about in the song. From there it was pretty simple. A phone call, a hand full of emails, and we were off. I was a big fan of his work that I had seen online so I just let him roll with the concept. What came back to me was visually right on the money without being overtly in your face.”


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