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Clubhouse Concerts: Moving!

In case you haven’t heard…
With the heat of the summer finally behind us, we here at the Clubhouse Concerts Acoustic Series have some exciting developments to share.
We’ve had two memorable years at The White Elephant Saloon in the Fort Worth Stockyards, but have come to the decision to bring the series back to our “Sit Down, Shut Up & Listen” roots. We have found a fantastic venue that will provide the “listening” environment that our long time patrons crave and our musicians have always loved. Beginning on Sunday, Nov. 5th, we will be located at “Jack’s Off The Wall” at 2731 White Settlement Road. (If you are familiar with this area, this is the lot that previously housed “Pedro’s Trailer Park”).
Parking should be less of a problem than we had encountered in the Stockyards since Jack’s has a private lot, plus street parking – with less of a hike and no parking charge. Jack’s is a beautiful venue, with a great sound system and a patio area with fire pits that will be great during winter months.
Once we have made the move, our cover will usually be $8. Since Jack’s is a full service restaurant, we will no longer have to cart dinner every week, and from our experience, let us just say – the food at Jack’s is great! We are excited that Jack’s will be opening “just for us” on Sundays, as it means we won’t be dealing with as many tourists and “walk in” types – in other words everyone present is there for the love of the music – just like the “old days”, but without having to load folding chairs in and out of the apartments every week! Doors will open at 6pm, dinner will be available from 6pm-9pm. Our openers will go on at 7pm and play a 30 minute set, and our headliners should take the stage around 7:45pm. Starting the shows a bit earlier will ensure that nobody has too difficult of a time getting up and off to work on Monday mornings.
We’re also very excited about our partnership with Southern Thread . SoThread is now a sponsor of the Clubhouse shows, allowing us to be able to pay expenses (such as our sound engineer) without having to take anything out of the door, which in turn puts more money back into the pockets of the musicians. THANKS SoThread!!!
A special thank you to everyone who has been with us from the days at the apartments, through our stint at The Horseman, the last two years at TWE, and now on to Jack’s. And to those of you who we may have lost through the changes, this may be just the thing to win you back!
Thank you from the Clubhouse girls and the musicians for making our shows a part of your Sunday night for the past 4 1/2 years. To quote Walt Wilkins, during a conversation regarding the move to Jack’s…. “change is good”. And we do think this is going to be great for the Clubhouse Acoustic Series!!!

Joni, Emily, Amy & Rachel Allene

* Please help us spread the word – our first show with Walt Wilkins, Brandon Rhyder, Susan Gibson (and Jason Eady opening) is Sunday November 5th!! Doors open at 6pm!

check out Jack’s @ www.jacksoffthewall.com

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