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KNBT 92.1 New Braunfels | Americana Jam

This just in: Randy Rogers is the special guest at the 17th Annual Americana Jam. Click the banner to get your tickets. Ole’ Mattson put together one hell of a lineup this time around. See you there.

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Why you should have a “The Departed – Boarding Pass”

In an age when we are are glued to our iPhones and searching YouTube for videos of music we love, it stands to reason that the way bands promote their music should change from just magazine ads and announcing it on the radio.

Cody Canada & The Departed are the newly formed band that everyone is talking about and also eagerly awaiting their first album. Now enter the “Boarding Pass“. It’s a way for the band to deliver video’s, lyrics, updates, photos & even the album itself right to us, the fans, without any effort on our part! the Boarding pass comes in a little tin and is a USB drive housed in a cool neck lanyard. Very well put together. You plug it in to your computer and it launches a program that has all the details you want.. RIGHT THERE!

For 30 bucks you get the new album, fan club membership and a ton of videos and photos that have interviews and stuff that keeps you up to date with what is going on. And… they can push new stuff right to your computer whenever they get it! Sure there’s lot’s of other ways they can deliver this stuff via a website or facebook, but having it all in one place with no other distraction is pretty badass.

This is a HUGE way bands will begin to engage fans. It’s a direct line, straight to us.

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K Phillips Donates Original Painting Toward the Cause

For every dollar you donate toward Rich O’Toole’s Stolen Guitar Replacement Fund, you will receive one entry toward the drawing for an Original K Phillips painting.

K is painting it specially for this event. It is a 3′ by 5′ canvas that will feature Billy Gibbons’ guitar. It will be special and will look great on your wall.

K’s painting of this size have gone for as much as $2500, so help Rich and give yourself a chance to win this great piece of art.

Donate to the cause

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The Texas Music Scene blog

Check out the blog that goes along with the TV show hosted by Ray Benson, but specifically note that it’s written by Mike Ethan Messick. He has a current series going called “Under The Radar” which so far features Brison Bursey & Chris King. Messick is a great songwriter, great performer and obviously a great short form writer. We should have hired this guy.

If you’ve got to win ‘em over a handful at a time, then do that … I’d like to think all the indie-rock transplanted-Yankees could use a little Hayes Carll in their life. ~MEM

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The Drop – Now with more badass

We released The Drop last year as a way to help connect new music to fans and it’s been wildly successful! The only thing better than seeing tweets and Facebook posts about how much you all love The Drop is hearing about it in person. Here’s a couple stats for you..

  • The Drop has played 5 solid months of music without stopping
  • For every minute that goes (24/7) by The Drop is playing 45 seconds of music
  • The Drop has almost 1/4 Million plays

That’s pretty impressive for something that is just out of the gate and is basically just a curated playlist. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

We’ve listened to some feedback and watched it closely and realized that it’s tough to make one single playlist do everything we need. So today we introduce playlists! We are launching with 3 major ones… Recommended, New & Texas Treasures. Our future plans will add 1 or two more and custom playlists that you all can create! We just have to make sure this works well first.

Recommended is just what it implies. Stuff we all recommend to people. Just point someone to the Drop and they are guaranteed to find something they like!

New is also just what it implies. Whether new artists or old artist, we will try to have new stuff in here for everyone to discover. If people dig it and it gets tons of plays, etc.. then we’ll move it up to recommended. You … Keep Reading

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