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Articles | Texas Treasures

{Texas Treasures} Rusty Wier – Black Hat Saloon

Rusty Wier was one of the few musical heroes I had as a child that I got to actually befriend as an adult.  Anytime I was around him, it was surreal.  As if I was starring in a Truman Show style movie set amid the backdrop of Texas Music royalty.  Even in the zenith of […]

{Texas Treasures} Houston Marchman

Houston Marchman is a songwriter who colors a bit outside the lines and is often found showcasing the rougher side of life.  Never afraid to tackle subject matter that meeker writers might shy away from, Marchman has written songs about classic country themes involving murder, drug abuse, alcohol, and jail time.  But, it’s his blistering […]

{Texas Treasures} Doug Moreland

The parking lot held a broken down 60′s era VW bug that had been parked there for months, a black BMW some rich kid’s dad had gotten him, and a nondescript white ’98 F250.  Nondescript until you walked past the entrance of Joe’s Crab Shack in San Marcos right on the river and were greeted by the […]

{Texas Treasures} Echo’s Orbit Room

The 90’s weren’t just a great time for Texas country music to make a comeback of sorts. Alternative rock was blazing its own formidable trail on the heels of the Toadies. One such band that was a part of that movement was the San Marcos based Echo’s Orbit Room. At one point, the band was […]

{Texas Treasures} The Arc Angels

It is no secret that there is a side to Texas Music that is unflinchingly rock n’ roll.  Rooted in the blues and crafted by folks who enjoy creating huge riffs as much as they do interesting lyrics, it is a part of the Texas Music canvass that is often needed to break up the […]