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Articles | River Jam

River Jam Artist Preview: Kylie Rae Harris

Kylie Rae Harris is a natural singing and songwriting talent buoyed by the highs and lows of a life that have given her plenty of material to sing about.  Her voice and viewpoint are uniquely hers and the authenticity and transparency with which she showcases her life, bumps and all, is what makes her a […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Bo Brumble

Bo Brumble is one of those artists that has a presence.  It’s an easy one, but you notice him when he’s onstage and off.  He’s multi-talented and is omnipresent around the greater Austin scene.  You’re as likely to find him singing his own songs as you are enjoying someone else’s.  He embodies everything that is […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Haley Cole

Haley Cole has been stealing stages across the state and beyond for the past several years.  Buzz began heating up around Cole several years back and reached fever pitch including noise up in Nashville.  Haley has a voice that mixes power, range, sass and soul, all of which she completely owns.  Her studio output is […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Garrett Bryan

Fresh perspectives are hard to come by in this music scene.  Sometimes it feels like it’s all been said and done, then you hear a young songwriter like Garrett Bryan.  It sounds familiar, yet new all at once.  The type of songs anyone can dig into, but that those who appreciate deeper meaning in their […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Chance Anderson

Red Dirt music has a strong and proud lineage. The legacy passed down through the likes of Randy Crouch, Mike McClure, Cody Canada, Jason Boland, Brandon Jenkins and Evan Felker lands squarely at the feet of artists like Chance Anderson. Anderson is a songwriter that mines the same heartland emotion of his predecessors and backs […]