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Articles | River Jam

River Jam Artist Preview: Mark Allan Atwood

Mark Allan Atwood is a music business veteran.  He’s been knocking around the Texas scene for nearly 30 years.  He’s fronted country bands and metal bands.  But, at the root of it all has been his authentic songwriting.  Inspired by the likes of legendary songwriters such as Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Townes Van Zandt, […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Coby Wier

Being the son of a legend is never easy, but Coby Wier has managed to carve out his own niche by using lessons learned from his father while also happening to be one of the best guitar players in the state. A six-string whiz, Wier has only recently stepped up to the mic to lead […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Austin Gilliam

Austin Gilliam is a New Braunfels musical treasure.  Vocals, guitar, songwriting…there’s not much he can’t do or many who he has not done it with.  He’s been frontman, sideman and co-writer.  A fixture of the local music scene who has been creeping into regional consciousness on the power of his musicality.  Float the river, have […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Joey McGee

Few artists exude as much joy as Joey McGee. His combination of influences created by stints in New Orleans, Pittsburgh and San Antonio have coalesced into a potent Americana mix. McGee is an engaging performer with the ability to draw all those disparate influences and unfurl them in a manner all his own. McGee’s music […]

River Jam Artist Preview: Jayson Hoyl

Jayson Hoyl was a Texas rock star for a time. The New Mexico transplant fronted the seminal late 90’s/early 00’s band Echo’s Orbit Room. They made some noise, had attention from labels and toured all over. KLBJ and the likes spun their tunes. Then, life happened and music went on the back burner. Hoyl is […]