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{Off The Cuff} Purposeful Beach Rendezvous

The late summer sun is setting on the southeast Texas peninsula beach getaway known as Crystal Beach.  Famously detailed in Hayes Carll’s early work and vividly in Guy Clark’s “South Coast of Texas”, it is a rough patch of land with a rough patch of characters attempting to alter its image.  Post-last hurricane, it is cleaning things […]

{Off The Cuff} The Real Girls in the Songs and With the Songs

As the father of a young daughter, husband to a strong wife, brother of an awesome sister and son of a loving mother I’ve been taking in all this “Girl in a Country Song” vs Bro-Country brouhaha with a keen interest from afar.  The Bro-Country phenomenon is a fad.  A passing fancy no different than […]

{Off The Cuff} “Hi, I’m George Strait”

By: Clayton Corn “Hi, I’m George Strait.” “No s**t…” is what I almost said back as I shook the hand of a very tan man in the middle of the number 9 fairway at the Dominion Golf Club in San Antonio. See, I’m kind of the Forest Gump of golf. It really is absurd the […]

{Off The Cuff} Are You Really Listening?

I love music as much as anyone. I’ll fight you over it if you want some. You probably don’t if I’m guessing. I have references. Hell, I have a reasonable amount rhythm and sound killer singing in the shower. That being said, I have no business making a record. Maybe just maybe, you have no […]

{Off The Cuff} Clint Eastwood and The Weirdest Night Of My Life

Ed. note–Yesterday, we came across this Hunter S. Thompson-esque take on a Celebrity Pro AM golf tournament from the Facebook feed of Clayton Corn and asked if we could re-publish it here.  He was kind enough to oblige.  This is one of the greatest stories we’ve read in quite some time.  Enjoy! -BB By: Clayton […]