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{New Braunfels} Spotlight: Seth James


Seth James grew up on the Moorehouse Ranch in King County near his birth place of Guthrie, TX. He was no stranger to dirt, hard work, integrity and common sense. Seth has an interesting heritage; while some people come from families with either clean or dirty backgrounds, Seth has a little of both.… Read the rest

{New Braunfels} Spotlight: Tom Gillam

Tom Gillam was born in Deptford, New Jersey, and was primarily raised in Camden, New Jersey. As the son of a nuclear power plant cooling system design engineer and a stay-at-home mom and member of a 5 child household with 4 boys and 1 girl, Tom says he had a great childhood.… Read the rest

{New Braunfels} Post Steamboat Music

A new year brings New Braunfels an annual void of some of our talent that has planted their roots here, as the Dickson Productions’ “The Music Fest” in Steamboat Springs, Colorado typically happens during the second week of January. Last year, TX Citizen and myself (Music of New Braunfels) built a local music festival from the dust of those left behind during “Steamboat”, and we decided to take the concept of both building up a little jealousy of the folks that were able to go to “Steamboat”, and a welcome home for the folks that were able to venture to Colorado for a week, so we called it the “Blowin’ Off Steamboat Music Festival”.… Read the rest

December in New Braunfels

We were going to wait till the start of 2014 to kick off this new feature, but we just couldn’t possibly wait! Brian Strickland of Music of New Braunfels will be writing a by-weekly/monthly piece on shows/artists going on around New Braunfels.… Read the rest