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Articles | Greenfest

Greenfest Artist Preview: The Reed Brothers


Keegan and Kyle Reed have been laying down tasty musical treats based out of San Antonio for many years now and in many incarnations.  Fronting a group with their name on it is providing the most fruitful portion of their work.  … Read the rest

Greenfest Artist Preview: Rodney Hayden

Rodney Hayden 1

Rodney Hayden makes music that was made for smoky bars and nursing long necks while thinking about your present situation…and the past. It’s old school honky-tonk done with singer/songwriter sensibilities and delivered with one of the finest country voices to be found anywhere.… Read the rest

Greenfest Artist Preview: Jonny Burke


Jonny Burke is a folkie Americana singer/songwriting marvel.  Hitting stages and roads since his teens, Burke has honed his own style that is heavily in the vein of Dylan, Van Zandt and Clark.  Burke writes songs that mean something and performs them with a genuine ferocity that is hard to find.  … Read the rest

Greenfest Artist Preview: Charlie Stout


Charlie Stout is a multi-faceted artist, perhaps best known for his work behind the camera lens as opposed to his work bending six strings; however, his songwriting is every bit as vivid and praiseworthy as his photography.  Although not native to Texas, Stout’s work and personality lend themselves to a certain Texas pedigree and charm that is undeniably riveting.  … Read the rest

Greenfest Artist Preview: Adam Hood


Adam Hood returns to Greenfest and will be making his 8th GF appearance in 2016.   In 2005, we booked Adam into an acoustic songswap as part of Greenfest when very few people were familiar with him.  Adam came down with laryngitis the day of the show but fought his way through 3 songs.  … Read the rest