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Greenfest Artist Preview: Flatland Cavalry


The Cleto Cordero-fronted outfit known as Flatland Cavalry has been bouncing on the buzz bubble of the Panhandle for some time.  Last year they dropped an EP that turned some ears and set the table for the monster 2016 release that became Humble Folks.  … Read the rest

Greenfest Artist Preview: Doug Moreland


Doug Moreland has been a Texas Music mainstay since the late 90’s.  He’s built a career out of witty songs and a humorous stage presence that have earned him a loyal following.  First gaining notice for joke songs and singing with his dog, fans began to shift focus to Doug’s deeper cuts and realize there was a smart songwriter underneath the trademark laugh.  … Read the rest

Greenfest Artist Preview: Courtney Patton


Courtney Patton is the genuine article.  You realize that the moment you see her perform, listen to her songs or hear her laugh.  There’s not one ounce of pretentiousness or fakeness to this woman.  She’s the real deal.  Her songs are grippingly authentic and she backs them with some of the richest vocals on the planet.  … Read the rest

Greenfest Artist Preview: Billy Broome


Bonham native Billy Broome fronts the Austin based Americana band Silo Road.  Decidedly country, but with enough Waylon swagger to swing into other avenues from time to time, Broome’s music is throwback in the best possible sense.  His country tunes are a pleasant accompaniment for a Sunday next to the river and we’re glad he’s joining us for the second straight year at GF.… Read the rest

Greenfest Artist Preview: Chris King


Chris King has become part of the glue and fiber of what we do.  We’ve been a part of CK bubbling under the radar the past few years as a songwriter that other songwriters talked about quite often to carving out his own sizable niche as a formidable writer and performer. … Read the rest