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Do you know how hard it has been for me to write this?! How do you adequately articulate the feeling you get from people so talented at their craft that their music moves you to tears? ugh. This was supposed to be finished a month ago. Anyway.

If you asked me to choose a favorite singer/songwriter (which is typically pretty difficult…there’s a plethora of talented people that play a variety of different styles, how can you pick just one?), it would be Walt Wilkins. Regardless of circumstances, mood, time of day, etc., his music hits the spot…even if it’s a spot I didn’t know needed to be hit. It’s like getting wrapped up in the warmest, fuzziest of blankets, or as a few other people have described it before, putting on your favorite pair of well-worn blue jeans – comfortable & familiar. It soothes my soul in such a way that I just sit in awe of his gift. His wife Tina said “it’s like he has this direct line…” and gestured upward. 
Walt has this quality about him that makes you feel like you’ve known him forever. He’s humble, appreciative, kind, encouraging, and funny (photobombing mine & my girlfriends’ picture will always be my favorite story to tell). He and Tina are two of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and it’s an honor to call them friends. He’s played and & co-written with/produced albums for Brandon Rhyder, Pat Green, Josh Keep Reading

Late Night Wade Bowen


Wade and his band head to LA today to tape the Conan O’Brien show.  Anytime a regional artist from our area gets on one of these national platforms is a good thing.  Rising tide lifts all boats so to speak.  Additionally, he and Randy released a preview track from the forthcoming Hold My Beer and Watch This studio project produced by Lloyd Maines.  You can pre-order HERE and check out the preview track “Good Luck With That”.


 … Keep Reading

Ain’t It The Same

Make the machines stop!


Sadly, we wonder if you couldn’t do a similar mash-up with the recent spate of “Texas Country” songs?  Heart and soul will always outlast marketing and formulas.… Keep Reading

Galleywinter Subreddit


Instead of revamping our old style forums, we’ve set up a subreddit for you to discuss, share, rant, rave, review, post, connect and more! Share the link and join the conversation!

http://www.reddit.com/r/Galleywinter/Keep Reading

2015 Break Out

Man jump

Every couple years a new artist busts onto the scene with a groundswell of buzz and goodwill.  In 2004 it was RRB, 2007 Ryan Bingham, 2010 it was Turnpike, 2013 brought WCG to the limelight.  There are many other examples.  That moment where hard work meets opportunity; known as luck in some circles.  In each of those instances there had been a steady stream of buzz building for each of those acts.  While there are a great number of talented and worthy artists busting their tails out there on the highways.  Is there one (or two) that is poised to take that big step up to headliner/relative household name status?  There seems to be a dearth of that at the moment for any particular band and artist. Are we missing someone?  Who do you look to have a breakout 2015?  Share the new music buzz with us and other fans craving something fresh?… Keep Reading