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Prayers for the Rogers and Walther Families

We are in a time of deep sadness in this music community.  Very soon after Zack Walther lost his baby Lennon to a very courageous health battle, Randy Rogers’ newborn daughter Rumer has gone to be with our Lord too.  We will be donating proceeds from GF15 to the Lifting Up Lennon campaign.  Below are two statements regarding the Rogers’ situation.  We are only posting this to spread the news that the Rogers family wishes to use this tragedy as a tool to help raise funds for children’s charities.  Our most sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the Rogers family and continue to be with the Walther family.

Publicist statement:

“Rumer Rain Rogers, daughter of Randy and Chelsea Rogers, passed away last night at Seton Memorial Hospital in Austin, Texas. Rumer died of natural causes, in her parents loving arms, just days after her birth. During this time of grieving, the family asks that individuals wishing to offer condolences make a donation to the children’s charity of their choosing.”


Randy’s direct statement:

“Good morning. Rumer passed away last night. She died after a week long battle with a very rare condition. She died in our arms and in no pain. She was absolutely beautiful in every way. Her brain however was very sick. I’m sure you all have many questions and we have all the answers the doctors gave us. We can share the story with you. It’s quite an extraordinary one. A memorial will be planned soon. … Keep Reading

Music’s a Garden…Dig It

Much has been made about the salad/tomato female country singer comments.  It’s a sad, brutal reality for female artists, these guys just delivered the facts coldly, directly and oddly.  The good news for fans of our kind of music is that country radio doesn’t really impact or dictate what we listen to or dig.  We don’t discriminate where it comes from or whom it comes from as long as it meets our lofty expectations.  As fans of this scene of music we long ago gave up the bastion of country radio as our sole source of discovering new music. We migrated to web and social channels years before that was common.  Word of mouth and a few tweets from people you respect are generally all it takes for you to check out an album or artist.

Texas is currently blessed with an amazing crop of talented female artists.

At the forefront of the current trends in Texas are artists that redefine what Texas music is.  What country music is for that matter.  They push forward, invent and reinvent.  Chief among these artists are:

Jamie Wilson.  Jamie’s latest record, Holidays and Wedding Rings, is the best collection of tunes that have ever surrounded her achingly beautiful vocals.  That’s truly saying something when she has a catalog of solo, Trishas and Gougers material that would make a solid career for most songwriters.  The music is a bit more lively here and the songs a bit more lived in.  This … Keep Reading

Flood Relief


Our state and region are under seige from Mather Nature’s wrath.  After years of widespread drought, our prayers for rain have been met with an overabundance all at once.  Lives have been lost.  Homes ripped apart.  Landscapes altered.  Those left behind need help picking up the pieces.  We’ve been trying to do a good job on our social media networks of keeping the information flowing.  The best place we’ve found to stay abreast of the situation in Wimberley is via Robyn Ludwick’s FB page.  Here’s an excperpt from one of her latest updates:

I walk to the River each evening. There is no way to get access to this part of Wimberley unless you live on my street. It’s very post-Apocalyptic here. The town buzzes elsewhere with mass teams of Emergency Management, volunteer tents set up, people everywhere. Merchants open, schools still closed so families rally to center of town to hug and help their neighbors. It’s a beautiful scene really.

But here at the end of my street, it’s silent. Even the mighty river is tame again. No one in sight but an occasional uniformed search and rescue hero, climbing and circling the massive piles of trees. The power lines are finally cut and disabled, lying along the ground.

I look at the orange house across the street. But it’s not there. My modest family home up the hill is still standing. For the last 13 years we have our stay- cations at this River access and

Keep Reading

LJT 2015 Must-Sees


Here are a few highlights we are looking forward to.  As always, this is a formidable and very comprehensive lineup that has something for every taste and fan.  There are country acts, rock acts, folk acts, legendary acts and new acts.  Sometimes back to back.  The list below is far from comprehensive, it just includes many of the sets we won’t be missing and felt were particularly notable.

(all times approximate)


8:00PM–Gary P. Nunn–T-Bird’s--The venerable singer/songwriter kicks things off for 2015 with his road-tested and proven old school Texas country jams.  If you’re starting your LJT experience on Monday and going the entire week, God Bless you.  This is the first time we can recall music starting on Monday!  There’s a party comin’ on for sure.


8:00PM–Delbert McClinton–Bud Light Stage–The legendary Texas blues howler takes to the mainstage for a set that will take place after his son Clay and prior to a set from Casey Donahew Band.  Our money is on the veteran Delbert laying it down like nobody else can.  He’s still got it…the Lone Star Blues and the goods.


2:00–Cody Canada and Mike McClure–Allsups Stage–This is where things start to get greasy.  This classic Red Dirt pair’s annual acoustic shows under the small tent back in LJT’s relative infancy were always a true highlight.  It’s very cool to see them doing it once again.  Get there for this one.  There will be songs, stories, surprises … Keep Reading

Haggard Undercover

Merle Haggard is one of the greatest American musicians of all time.  His influence is immense and legendary. The Texas/Red Dirt scene is littered with tributes to The Hag and on the occasion of his birthday we’ve compiled a few of the best.  Hit up the comments section and let us know others that you dig.




 … Keep Reading

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