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American Aquarium – Hard To Quit

By: Justin Dean | @TXDean23


It was hot. Inside and outside. The smell of Lone Star Beer and Jameson was the only thing that could mask the body odor that permeated through every single inch of surrounding air space. Yet no one cared. Not the hipster kid with the rimmed glasses and too tight pants or the guy in the cowboy hat on my opposite side that definitely wasn’t going to be getting on a horse anytime soon in his bedazzled designer jeans. Normally these guys stay miles apart and don’t even frequent the same sides of town- let alone the same bar- but this was American Aquarium on a Saturday night and no one cared.

Not many bands these days can take a demographic “label” and throw it out the window of a moving Econoline, but American Aquarium has done that. They have split the seams of the independent music world and transformed themselves from a band that played small shows in dive bars in Raleigh, NC to travelling across the country playing music for anyone who will listen.

American Aquarium put out their first two records- Antique Hearts and The Bible and the Bottle- in 2006 and 2008, respectively. They signed with Last Chance Records and put out Dances With the Lonely in 2009 and Small Town Hymns in 2010. In 2012 the band released their Live in Raleigh CD before putting out the Jason Isbell produced Burn. Flicker. Die, their most popular and praised album to date, … Keep Reading

Introducing Zac Wilkerson

by: Brandon Meyers


As an artist making music in the state of Texas, there are names that are synonymous with talent, longevity and doing things right. One of those names is Walt Wilkins.  Not only has Wilkins established himself as one of kind type of talent on the stage, but he has also proven to be a masterful producer and creator of albums for other artists. With names like Brandon Rhyder and Jason Eady amongst many other great talents, anyone setting out to make their debut album would be one lucky SOB to get Wilkins attached to that project… Enter Amarillo’s own Zac Wilkerson.

The road that lead Zac to Walt was unlike most of the typical “start a band and make an album” stories.  After nearly a decade of writing songs he never intended on you hearing, a friends somewhat dishonest request for Zac to join him at an open mic night at Lubbock TX’s iconic Blue Light Live turned into Zac winning their fall singer/songwriter contest and a spot on the acoustic stage at Larry Joe Taylor’s Musicfest. Little did Zac know then, that not long after standing backstage and watching Walt Wilkins play his set at LJT that year, that he would be working with Walt on his first album.

Fast forward 2 years and add countless shows and road hours and that rookie that stood on that LJT stage is much wiser, road tested and certain that the path he is on is the right one.  … Keep Reading

Do It For Durrett


Monday Sept 8th at Billy Bob’s some of the brightest names in our music scene will gather to pay tribute to a sportswriter named Richard Durrett.  If you’re unfamiliar with Richard’s story, you may ask why?  Well, the answer lies in the fact that he was an unusually kind, caring person and really thorough professional journalist.  The type of guy that by the recounting of friends would text out individual texts for Fathers Day, New Year etc instead of a group text.  The type of guy that worked his way up the journalistic ladder quickly in the cutthroat world of modern sports journalism via sheer kindness and tenacity.  Tragically, Richard passed away suddenly at his home a few weeks back.  He leaves behind a young family.  His friends have organized this concert as a way to raise funds for his kids and honor their friend.

We can’t announce the line-up exactly just yet because of some fun, music-biz legalese radius clause stuff…but just know that you don’t want to miss it. In addition to the music, the night includes one of the largest sports auctions of all time.

For complete info:

Follow @DoItForDurrett on Twitter
For More Info/To Buy Tickets:  http://doitfordurrett.com/?p=569Keep Reading

Dear America



An open letter to our great country from Josh Grider.

Dear America,

You are the family member that I sometimes wish did things a little different. The one I feel free to pick on, but jump to defend as soon as someone else does. The one I just can’t help but love, and know that I’m lucky to know. I was blessed to be born, and grateful for the opportunity to raise my sons within your borders. I have seen your small towns and big cities, your bestand your worst, as I’ve driven from sea to shining sea playing my songs. I know that my ability to do this came (and still comes) at a great cost to those who serve under your flag…our flag. I am forever indebted to those men and women. I wish you a Happy Birthday today, and many more to come!

As Robert Earl Keen said…”heeeey baby, it’s the 4th of July”!

I hope you have a great one everybody!

Have a great one everybody!

Keep Reading

Still a Couple Thousand Miles To Go

1341343553DSC_7436b   by: Brandon Meyers

For anyone that has ever been, loved, or known a traveling musician, you know that the road they travel can be a rough one. Long van rides, truck stop food and way too many late nights can take a serious toll on a body. But what happens when something seriously goes wrong? In May of this year Chad Sullins, frontman for the Oklahoma band Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition, found out first hand just how fast things can change and go from bar lights to ambulance lights.

At a bar somewhere in Oklahoma as Chad and his bandmates readied themselves to take the stage, something went terribly wrong. Dizziness, a cold sweat and serious chest pains nearly brought Chad to his knees. Luckily there was someone close by with some sort of medical training and a quick look over lead them to believe that Chad was indeed having a heart attack. He was rushed out the back of the bar and away to the local ER where after some testing and observation they confirmed it.

At 36, Chad Sullins was having a heart attack.

I was at that show that night and, as a friend of Chad and his LCC mates Josh Rutz, Jesse Holcomb and Jeremy Clark, I drove the guys to the ER and stayed until the decision was made to transfer Chad to a heart hospital in Oklahoma City. In the next few days after lots of testing and several doctors … Keep Reading