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Still a Couple Thousand Miles To Go

1341343553DSC_7436b   by: Brandon Meyers

For anyone that has ever been, loved, or known a traveling musician, you know that the road they travel can be a rough one. Long van rides, truck stop food and way too many late nights can take a serious toll on a body. But what happens when something seriously goes wrong? In May of this year Chad Sullins, frontman for the Oklahoma band Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition, found out first hand just how fast things can change and go from bar lights to ambulance lights.

At a bar somewhere in Oklahoma as Chad and his bandmates readied themselves to take the stage, something went terribly wrong. Dizziness, a cold sweat and serious chest pains nearly brought Chad to his knees. Luckily there was someone close by with some sort of medical training and a quick look over lead them to believe that Chad was indeed having a heart attack. He was rushed out the back of the bar and away to the local ER where after some testing and observation they confirmed it.

At 36, Chad Sullins was having a heart attack.

I was at that show that night and, as a friend of Chad and his LCC mates Josh Rutz, Jesse Holcomb and Jeremy Clark, I drove the guys to the ER and stayed until the decision was made to transfer Chad to a heart hospital in Oklahoma City. In the next few days after lots of testing and several doctors … Keep Reading

DK’s Backyard Innovation


Last night Drew Kennedy walked out in his backyard with his guitar and a cold beer.  Nothing revelatory about that per se.  Kennedy had also set up a microphone, camera, laptop and a bundle of technology that would’ve made NASA scratch their heads in amazement in the 1960’s.  Nothing particularly special about that either in this day and age.  Plenty of people Skype, FaceTime and stream content online.

No, what made this special is the manner which Drew Kennedy presented this new venture.  Instead of you coming to his gig, he was bringing his show to you.  Wherever you are on whatever device you wanted.  Tablet, laptop, phone.  Your beer.  Your couch.  Your patio.  Your recliner.  It only cost a $1 to get in and you could tip him if he did something you really dug.  He told stories.  Took requests.  Etc.  It was a typical Drew Kennedy show, yet it wasn’t.

Again.  Other artists have done this exact same thing. This one felt more natural. More intimate. More unique.  Kennedy has a knack for this.  Whether it’s writing and releasing a novel or developing his own skiing-songwriting festival, Kennedy is ahead of the curve.  This is the same way.  He’s taken a general, modern music business idea and made it his own.  The future possibilities of private remote concerts and the like is limited only by Kennedy’s imagination.  He made this avenue of musical delivery his own and has already scheduled another one for September.  If you missed last … Keep Reading

Red Dirt at Red Rocks: We Went There

DEN_redrocks_636x431(photograph courtesy: Red Rocks Amphitheater)

Red Rocks is the mecca of music venues.  This amphitheater near Morrison, CO is often ranked as the best setting in the world to take in a show alongside places like The Gorge, Hollywood Bowl, The Greek, Slane Castle, and Royal Albert Hall among others.   The list of acts that have performed on the hallowed Red Rocks stage reads like a Who’s Who of music history:  The Beatles, U2, The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix just to name a few.

In 2013, some performers from our little music scene were invited to join the talented roster of acts to take the Red Rocks stage.  I was unable to make it the inaugural concert that featured Randy Rogers Band, Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue and Casey Donahew.  So, as soon as plans were announced for a 2014 version of the show, my plans were set in motion.  I had to be there.  And I was.

What began with a 4AM alarm and hurried trip to DFW airport would end in a remote cabin in Evergreen, CO.

Red Rocks is majestic and magical.  You could really run out of adjectives to describe it.  What Wrigley is to baseball, Pebble Beach to golf, Madison Square Garden to basketball…that’s what Red Rocks is to music.  It is the venue. It’s nestled outside of Denver in the mountainside.  It’s literally carved from the earth.  There is no bad sightline and the vistas are breathtaking.  The sound can be spotty depending on … Keep Reading




I first encountered Allan Goodman about six years ago, not long after he’d moved to Texas from California.  I was managing and booking Kristen Kelly, and the Modern Day Drifter project was in a period of transition after the departure of Joe Churchill.  We were seeking a guy that could play guitar, sing backing and lead vocals and write songs.  We put the call out and I was immediately inundated with referrals.  Of the dozens of name that poured in, the one that came  most often and with the most clout due to the backing of Shannon Canada and Wade Bowen was one Allan Goodman.  I reached out to him and we set up a jam/rehearsal in San Marcos.

The moment I met Allan I felt like I’d already known him a lifetime.  He had bright blue eyes and a big, warm smile.  Even though I’d only corresponded with him via email, he didn’t reach out for a handshake upon us first meeting.  He opened his arms and went in for a hug.  Not a bro hug, but a legitimate hug like you’d lay on your grandmother.  Conversation flowed as easily in the first five minutes with AG as it often does with your closest friends.  That’s just how he was.

After the jam, we all decided that Allan was great, but probably too good for what we were looking for.  I encouraged him to keep doing his solo thing and filling in with other groups until he found … Keep Reading

Lone Star Jam 2014

Massive crowds packed into the LBJ Library and Lawn on University Of Texas campus Cinco de Mayo weekend for an awesome line up of artists. If you have photos tweet/instagram us so we can share your experience! Enjoy these photos I grabbed from the festival!


~ Jalys.

 … Keep Reading