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I first encountered Allan Goodman about six years ago, not long after he’d moved to Texas from California.  I was managing and booking Kristen Kelly, and the Modern Day Drifter project was in a period of transition after the departure of Joe Churchill.  We were seeking a guy that could play guitar, sing backing and lead vocals and write songs.  We put the call out and I was immediately inundated with referrals.  Of the dozens of name that poured in, the one that came  most often and with the most clout due to the backing of Shannon Canada and Wade Bowen was one Allan Goodman.  I reached out to him and we set up a jam/rehearsal in San Marcos.

The moment I met Allan I felt like I’d already known him a lifetime.  He had bright blue eyes and a big, warm smile.  Even though I’d only corresponded with him via email, he didn’t reach out for a handshake upon us first meeting.  He opened his arms and went in for a hug.  Not a bro hug, but a legitimate hug like you’d lay on your grandmother.  Conversation flowed as easily in the first five minutes with AG as it often does with your closest friends.  That’s just how he was.

After the jam, we all decided that Allan was great, but probably too good for what we were looking for.  I encouraged him to keep doing his solo thing and filling in with other groups until he found … Keep Reading

Lone Star Jam 2014

Massive crowds packed into the LBJ Library and Lawn on University Of Texas campus Cinco de Mayo weekend for an awesome line up of artists. If you have photos tweet/instagram us so we can share your experience! Enjoy these photos I grabbed from the festival!


~ Jalys.

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Mike & The Moonpies / Gear Theft


Mike Harmeier (of Mike & The Moonpies) was the first person I met in the Austin country scene. That was around 7 years ago. He was kind enough to let me tag along on a couple of Honky Tonk Mondays he was doing down at The Hole In The Wall. These were my very first experiences playing in Austin, and some of the very first experiences that gave me confidence in performing music in front of people. Mike & I are still great friends, and his bandmates are some of the kindest, hardest-working guys I know in Texas music.

Over the weekend, some asshole(s) stole Mike & The Moonpies van, trailer, and ALL of their gear. A loss totaling over $20, 000. I’m not going to rant here about how much I think that gear thieves have a special place in hell, but I will tell you that Mike & The Moonpies are out everything. These are some of the most undeserving guys to have this kind of thing happen to them. I’m giving up some of my hard-earned money to help out as they try to get back to kicking ass all over the country. If you’re a believer in truly independent Texas music, I think you should do the same.

(An entire gear list is posted at the below site, so be on the lookout in pawn shops, etc.)


Larry Joe Taylor 2014 Day 5

Well, LJT26 is a wrap! I had such a blast photographing all week, hope to see everyone out for LJT27! Make sure to share your photos!


~ Jalys.… Keep Reading

Larry Joe Taylor 2014 Day 4

Day 4 was known as “favorite” day. My new favorite band,Dolly Shine, performed. My favorite up and coming band, Sam Riggs and The Night People, played on the main stage. My two favorite Red Raiders, William Clark Green and Josh Abbott played and most importantly, my FAVORITE band, Whiskey Myers rocked LJT26. What a fun day. Crowd favorites Charla Corn and Roger Creager finished out the line up helped make day 4. Pardon the overload of photos on this post.

~ Jalys.… Keep Reading