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RIP Glenn Frey


He wasn’t the most talented member of The Eagles (Henley).  He wasn’t the most affable and fun (Walsh).  But, Glenn Frey was The Eagles.  He was the driving force of the band, as if manager Irving Azoff was an actual playing member.  … Read the rest

{New Braunfels} Blowin’ Off Steamboat 4

4th Annual Blowin' Off Steamboat Music FestivalThe 4th Annual Blowin’ Off Steamboat Music Festival is THIS Saturday in New Braunfels! This indoor/outdoor, winter all day live music charity event is back at Freiheit Country Store, and this year the proceeds go to a local school nurse, mother of two young boys, cancer fighting sweet spirit that just happened to have lost her husband almost two years ago after he had a cerebral stroke.… Read the rest

The Chart Problem

With news that ANOTHER Texas radio chart is launching it leads to, with admitted ignorance, several questions. 
-How relevant are these things? Artists such as Bingham, American Aquarium, Hayes Carll and countless others have carved out super successful careers without the aid of widespread radio.Read the rest

MF 16 – Day 3

Zane Williams joins Cody Johnson Band onstage to sing the song that Z wrote and CJ made a huge hit.



Read the rest

MF16 – Day 2












Todd Purifoy’s Day 2 album

Jonathan Tyler kicked off a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute jam with this rendition of “Tuesday’s Gone” and was followed by American Aquarium rolling out “Gimme 3 Steps”.… Read the rest