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K Phillips and the Wondering Road Show

K Phillips has been on an upward trajectory for several years now.  He’s poised for a national release of his latest album Dirty Wonder and just got off a successful, widespread tour supporting Rob Thomas and Counting Crows.  Phillips is one of our favorite songwriters and entertainers.  … Read the rest

Heavenly Rhymes and Vines

After nearly 20 years of attending and reveling in the April tradition that is Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Fest, I was excited to take in my first Rhymes and Vines on the occasion of its eleventh happening.  For ten years I’d heard tales of how it was superior to the April fest for music lovers.  … Read the rest

Jack’s Journey

When on an uncharted journey it is not uncommon to get lost and led astray.  Following beacons and misguided navigational points that slightly betray your gut instincts.  True trailblazers don’t let this deter them.  Getting lost can be as illuminating as discovering paradise shortly after setting off.  … Read the rest

RRB’s Hidden Gems

Over the past 17 years, Randy Rogers Band has cranked out some of the most memorable and standard bearing songs of the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  Their album Rollercoaster remains atop most lists as the best to ever come from this subgenre of music.  … Read the rest

Plating the Future


Ever since he arrived at the directorship of the Texas Music Office, Brendon Anthony has been creating new and innovative ways to support this music we all love. He’s networked, politicked and raised funds.  Streamlined, performed and made modern. The latest project of the TMO is the creation of a new specialty license plate that will provide the office to do some much needed things to sustain our music and keep it moving forward into the future.  … Read the rest