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Brauns Circa 1994

Want to see the Braun brothers when they were back home in Idaho in 1994?  Of course you do.

Visit this link——> http://video.idahoptv.org/video/2365203343/Read the rest

Lew Card’s “Condo Town Rag” Video

Lew Card’s “Condo Town Rag” video is the most inventive we’ve seen in OKOM since American Aquarium’s “Southern Sadness” clip.

Here’s what Lew told the folks at Innocent Words about the project:

“I knew early on during the recording process for Follow Me Down that I wanted to do a video for Condo Town Rag.… Read the rest

Adios Texas Music Chart

We received this press release this afternoon. My thoughts are below the release.

January 28, 2016 713-952-9221

The first Texas Music Chart appeared November 20, 2000. Shane Media created the Chart because research done for our radio consulting firm showed growing interest in Texas and Red Dirt music throughout the region.Read the rest

LJT 2016 Songwriting Contest

It’s time yet again for the annual LJT Songwriting Contest.  Win a chance to get on the big bill and some other cool prizes too.  This contest has brought attention to Zac Wilkerson, Dalton Domino and Nate Rodriguez among others. Submissions are due by Friday, February 12th (ljtmusicfest@gmail.com). … Read the rest

RIP Glenn Frey


He wasn’t the most talented member of The Eagles (Henley).  He wasn’t the most affable and fun (Walsh).  But, Glenn Frey was The Eagles.  He was the driving force of the band, as if manager Irving Azoff was an actual playing member.  … Read the rest