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Touring Songwriting Success

The sun shines on a dreamer Shines a light on you when you listen to your heart  Livin’ on sponge cake, watching the sun bake I’m coming down fast, but I’m miles above you What I’m working for is something more than free I know it’s everybody’s sin , You got to lose to know […]

Jade’s Got Soul

When it comes to the modern Texas troubadour, few come with less bonafides and few can challenge the soulful, heartfelt delivery of Jade Marie Patek. Her original songs captivate audiences and have grabbed the ears of radio programmers across the region. Jade’s calling card continues to be her live shows where her broad vocal range […]

Shane Smith and The Saints Are Having a Moment

The natural order of anything works like a pendulum. Swinging to and fro, life tends to balance itself out in the end. Sports, politics, relationships. Music is much the same. Shane Smith and the Saints have had a steady climb as they’ve ridden that unstable, yet dependable pendulum for the past few years. They’re on […]

Turntables 2019

My latest trip through the Turntables experience on KNBT 92.1 was as awesome as ever. We played some songs, shot the breeze and made some good radio. Mattson Rainer is my hero. Doing the whole Turntables thing is one of the coolest things I get to do all year. I love music. I love radio. […]

Turning the Tables…Again

I’ve been honored and blessed to be asked by Mattson Rainer to come shoot the breeze with him on his radio station, 92.1 KNBT-FM Radio New Braunfels three years in a row now. It’s not something I take lightly. Few people support and love music as much as Mattson. He created an Americana institution before […]