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The Bones of Payola

**Our good friend Dan Adams Band has a very thoughtful rant about Bobby Bones being a “co-writer” in Nashville.

Music industry rant – sorry it’s long but I think a worthy discussion, and I hope you’ll chime in Music Friends:

On my drive into Austin this morning, I was listening to nationally syndicated country radio show “The Bobby Bones Show”.… Read the rest

Staggering Sales


Esteemed country music journalist Grady Smith released some truly staggering sales numbers on Twitter last night.  There was no source provided, but Smith is as good as they come.  We have reproduced his list of total album sales below.  It’s impressive and intriguing.… Read the rest

Dan Adams’ Bloodline


Dan Adams has been one of our favorite discoveries of the past couple years.  DA has a cool project going on right now.  His old college buddy Brian Panowich recently wrote a novel called “Bull Mountain” – which was released nationally in July by New York publisher Penguin Books.  … Read the rest


I’d rather be nine people’s favorite thing
than a hundred people’s ninth favorite thing

–Jeff Bowen


There are many paths to success– there just aren’t any straight ones. Point A to point B doesn’t exist in my line of work, just as I suspect it probably doesn’t in many of your chosen vocations.… Read the rest

Turnpike Turnaround


Turnpike Troubadours are on the verge of releasing their latest, long-awaited album (out September 18th). Evan Felker and the gang have risen to the top of the Red Dirt heap over the past few years. They’ve been on top of the proverbial artistic mountain for quite a while now.… Read the rest