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{Brad's Corner} July 2016: Peace Loving Redneck

{Bradís Corner}

As has happened so often over the decade plus of writing this monthly ramble, I was well down the road to publishing something about one particular topic when life shook me suddenly and violently in another motivational direction. ¬†The events that unfolded in Dallas the other night did just that.… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} June 2016: Musical Vampires

{Bradís Corner}

Having been immersed in the culture of music for so long, occasionally you reach a point of saturation.¬† A point where it all sounds and looks the same.¬† That it can be a song, artist, album, genre or entire cross-section of music.¬†… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} May 2016: The Songs of Summer

{Bradís Corner}

My first memories of having an actual summer revolve around my post-kindergarten summer. ¬†Prior to that, as a toddler, every day is like summer. ¬†But, after actually putting in the grind of a schoolyear for the first time, I was actually loving this thing called summer break. ¬†… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} March 2016: Beat Me Like a Drum

{Bradís Corner}

Well I thought the highway loved me. But she beat me like a drum. – Jason Isbell

The road is an alluring place. ¬†It’s the stuff of fantasy and Kerouac. ¬†Windblown freedom and white line slavery. It can take you places far beyond this plane without leaving the ground.… Read the rest