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{Brad's Corner} July 2017: Jamming the Why

{Bradís Corner}

More than a dozen years ago, as Galleywinter was in its infancy and the burgeoning online community was busting at the seems, plans were set in motion to have a get together to put faces with the handles and avatars. ¬†That first event set in motion what has grown to be an established event that […]

{Brad's Corner} July 2017: Trends

{Bradís Corner}

I recently took a vacation trip out to California. ¬†SoCal-LA specifically. ¬†I had never been. ¬†And everything I thought would happen did. ¬†Traffic. People. The vibe. The view. ¬†It was everything your mind makes it out to be. Saw a Deadhead sticker on an Audi. But not a Cadillac. Sat in the Conan audience next […]

{Brad's Corner} June 2017: What’s Real?

{Bradís Corner}

As the great credibility scare of Texas Music enters it’s 8th or 9th year depending on who you ask, we’ve all adopted Sturgill, Isbell and the like as our own. ¬†While, they are most definitely not ours. ¬†We love them. ¬†But the’re not “Texas””Red Dirt” etc. ¬†The ambiguous moniker of “Americana” gets slapped on just […]

{Brad's Corner} May 2017 – We’ll Do It Live

{Bradís Corner}

One of the things that first attracted me to this music scene all those year ago was the live show. ¬†The songs hooked me first, but the live experience sunk the teeth in. ¬†I’d been around concerts, but mainly of the big, arena or shed variety. ¬†Household names. Spectacle. Show business. When I first saw […]

{Brad's Corner} April 2017 – Stepping Aside

{Bradís Corner}

This morning news broke that Tony Romo was “stepping away” from football to enter the broadcast booth. ¬†After much speculation for many months, this was the inevitable end for this situation. ¬†It’s also a good analogy for what is happening with me and LJT. ¬†Our GW team is moving forward at LJT without me. ¬†After […]