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{Brad's Corner} October 2017 – No Answer

{Bradís Corner}

Over the years, I’ve prided myself on always having an answer when asked a variation of the following question. “Who should I be listening to?” “Who’s the next big thing?” “Who’s about to blow up?” This past Sunday at our big Texas Music Flood Waco event, I had no new names when this question was […]

{Brad's Corner} September 2017: Texas Forever

{Bradís Corner}

I remember exactly where I was when it happened. ¬†I had moved away from home to college and was going through the proverbial “finding myself” phase. ¬†Living in a shabby dorm that hadn’t been updated since campus hero LBJ had been in office (although we suspected maybe not since he was an undegrad at SWT […]

{Brad's Corner} August 2017: Best of Both Worlds

{Bradís Corner}

Last week the two hottest tickets in this scene were Sean McConnell and Koe Wetzel. Two acts as divergent as salt and pepper. ¬†Yet, like those handy seasonings…they both go well over the same morsels. ¬†McConnell has been mining the soulful singer/songwriter folk path without peer for over a decade now. ¬†He first rose to […]

{Brad's Corner} July 2017: Jamming the Why

{Bradís Corner}

More than a dozen years ago, as Galleywinter was in its infancy and the burgeoning online community was busting at the seems, plans were set in motion to have a get together to put faces with the handles and avatars. ¬†That first event set in motion what has grown to be an established event that […]

{Brad's Corner} July 2017: Trends

{Bradís Corner}

I recently took a vacation trip out to California. ¬†SoCal-LA specifically. ¬†I had never been. ¬†And everything I thought would happen did. ¬†Traffic. People. The vibe. The view. ¬†It was everything your mind makes it out to be. Saw a Deadhead sticker on an Audi. But not a Cadillac. Sat in the Conan audience next […]