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{Brad's Corner} April 2019: Horses Ain’t the Only Thing in the Back

{Bradís Corner}

If Billy McFarland taught us anything it‚Äôs that the paradigm of hosting a music festival in 2019 isn‚Äôt what it was in 2009, 1999, 1969 and so on.  He taught us more than that, but as someone who helps throw a very minor music festival, that takeaway from the Fyre Fest fiasco was astounding.  He […]

{Brad's Corner} March 2019: The Sun Shines on The Dreamers

{Bradís Corner}

The sun shines on a dreamer Shines a light on you when you listen to your heart The sun shines on a dreamer Shines a light on you through the dim, through the dark -Wade Bowen   Ain’t it funny how music works.¬† More so than any other artform it is a conduit of emotion.¬† […]

{Brad's Corner} January 2019: Revised Resolutions

{Bradís Corner}

January brings renewal, Steamboat and 12 months of high hopes.¬† The spirit of rebirth and change permeates every aspect of one’s life this time of year.¬† ¬†This is especially true in our little corner of the music industry.¬† Album releases, festival plans, touring routes and everything feels fresh. Oftentimes, as with most things in life, […]

{Brad's Corner} December 2018: Caretakers of the Bond

{Bradís Corner}

The modern world unleashes a torrent of content at us each day.¬† At times it can feel like a fire hose of madness raining down on you.¬† It’s overwhelming.¬† We are in the midst of a rebuild here at Galleywinter headquarters and content has been light for that reason. Why shout into the void when […]

{Brad's Corner} November 2018: Reinventing the Needle

{Bradís Corner}

What do you say when it’s over?¬† Don’t know if I should say anything at all. So goes the plaintive statement at the heart of Clint Black’s classic “Better Man”.¬† And it kind of sums up the headspace I find myself in lately with this music scene.¬† It’s not the first time either.¬† Nothing has […]