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{Brad's Corner} November 2018: Reinventing the Needle

{Bradís Corner}

What do you say when it’s over?¬† Don’t know if I should say anything at all. So goes the plaintive statement at the heart of Clint Black’s classic “Better Man”.¬† And it kind of sums up the headspace I find myself in lately with this music scene.¬† It’s not the first time either.¬† Nothing has […]

{Brad's Corner} August 2018: Realizations

{Bradís Corner}

Realizations are hard.¬† Becoming fully aware of something, whatever that may be can be jolting, halting and alarming.¬† It’s usually a cause for growth.¬† A learning experience. When it comes to this music scene, the first realization I had many years ago was that it existed.¬† Once I got that part down, I became fully […]

{Brad's Corner} July 2018 – Warm Fuzzies Amid the Cold Madness

{Bradís Corner}

We live in an era and age where arguing online has become a hobby.¬† Our leaders do it, our kids do it, and over on Facebook your grandmother is doing it.¬† I’m not sure exactly when we reached this tipping point, but it’s truly depressing.¬† As someone who has been on the internet since its […]

{Brad's Corner} June 2018 – There’s Always Somebody Playing Somewhere

{Bradís Corner}

“There’s always somebody playing somewhere.” That’s the quote the grizzled songwriter gave me post-set as he gazed out at the domestic longneck swilling crowd that had been nonplussed by his original offerings, yet exploded onto the dance floor during his loadout to the successive medley of The Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Copperhead Road.¬† You know the […]

{Brad's Corner} May 2018: Changing Minds

{Bradís Corner}

I’ve written many times about the role certain people had in shaping my musical taste.¬† Parents, sister, friends, acquaintances.¬† As a father, I’m currently trying to combat the inundation of societal Imagine Dragons type musical norms on my children with heaping doses of Shinyribs, Willie Nelson and Beatles. Their palette is wide and varied, but […]