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{Brad's Corner} May 2017 – We’ll Do It Live

{Brads Corner}

One of the things that first attracted me to this music scene all those year ago was the live show.  The songs hooked me first, but the live experience sunk the teeth in.  I’d been around concerts, but mainly of the big, arena or shed variety.  … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} April 2017 – Stepping Aside

{Brads Corner}

This morning news broke that Tony Romo was “stepping away” from football to enter the broadcast booth.  After much speculation for many months, this was the inevitable end for this situation.  It’s also a good analogy for what is happening with me and LJT.  … Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} March 2017: Jobs Loss

{Brads Corner}

They both preferred black t-shirts. They were both inspirational, passionate, hair-triggered, innovative and familial. One probably dug queso a little more than the other, but their influence (in their chosen fields) were each vast and immense.

For some, it would be near blasphemous for me to compare Steve Jobs to Jon Paul “Hogleg” Long, but the comparison is fair.… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} February 2017: All Stars

{Brads Corner}

I just got back from a rowdy trip to New Orleans.  The NBA All-Star game is arriving there very soon, and all over town they were preparing for it.  Posters of LeBron were as common in the French Quarter as overzealous and pushy shot girls.… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} January 2017: Where Do We Take It From Here?

{Brads Corner}

The great 90’s rock philosophers Semisonic once wisely and sagely sang every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.  A clever way of describing life.  Life, relationships, work, sports, the music biz.  Ah, the music biz.  That vain temptress that clings to our emotions, wrings hope from darkness and if the mood is right can sour sunshine with the blues.  … Read the rest