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{Brad's Corner} July 2015: Friends and Family

{Bradís Corner}

The old saying that “friends are the family you choose,” is so very true. ¬†When you go through hard times you discover this via a very unscientific mix of flakiness and sturdiness. ¬†You find out who you can count on and who you can’t. ¬†Another favorite saying of mine related to this is, “no friends like old friends.” ¬†The amigos you’ve known the longest are like tall oaks in a forest of weeping willow trees. ¬†They stand tall and proud alongside you. ¬†They don’t cowotow to your weaknesses and the accentuate your strengths.

Many years ago I was adopted by a musical family of friends. ¬†We shared a common passion and a common workday timewaste on the old PatGreen.com message boards. Pre social media, this was about as high tech as it got. ¬†Some of the greatest friends I have, I met via this scenario. ¬†We may only see each other occasionally throughout the year, and when our annual family reunion rolls around some of us may be so busy organizing things that we can’t sit down and catch up as we’d like…but I know they’re that tall oak in the forest for me. ¬†They’ve got my back. During the recent hard times, many have reached out to help reaffirm my foundation and assure me that things will be okay. ¬†Their advice has been indispensable and well-timed. ¬†This crazy, musical family of friends is bonded together through thick and thin. ¬†Marriages and divorces. ¬†Births and deaths. ¬†Good times and bad … Keep Reading

{Brad's Corner} June 2015: Comfortably Numb No More

{Bradís Corner}

The past few years I’ve drifted, almost subconsciously, away from focusing as intently as usual on lyrics. ¬†Melodies and guitars began to overshadow the words of the songs I dug. ¬†I attribute this to my children coming in to my life and a bit of boredom and complacency with much of the music I’ve been hearing. ¬† Sure, I still heard lyrics and even reveled in them from time to time…but they weren’t hitting home like they were previously. ¬†Recent life events have caused lyrics to find their way back home into my heart and soul. ¬†It’s funny how the circumstances in which you hear a song can have such a gigantic impact on your interpretation of the song.

Songs that once meant nothing more to you other than you knew they were good, now find a place in your psyche. ¬†They say the things that your brain or heart are ¬†unable to get out on its own. ¬†Other instances are kind of like reuniting with an old friend. ¬†Music is magical in that way. ¬†It’s cliche, but it truly is the soundtrack to our lives. ¬†Triumphant at times, mellow at others, somber when needed and grounded assurance when required. ¬†Thanks to modern technology we are easily able to make a playlist to fit any mood without having to swap out records, cassettes or cd’s.

This ease of listening makes at times makes our listening habits less intenful. ¬†The simplicity and overwhelming volume of media at our fingertips can be a … Keep Reading

{Brad's Corner} May 2015: It’s Okay

{Bradís Corner}

The recent buzz of the Chris Stapleton record has caused a great deal of talk to spread across online music fandom. ¬†As with any quick rise in status, (see Sturgill Simpson), there is an expected backlash. ¬†Even if it is a minor one. ¬†Not everyone is going to “get” everything. ¬†I don’t “get” Lucero. ¬†I can appreciate it. ¬†But, it’s not my thing. ¬†I’ve tried to get into it because so many people I respect and trust claim them as their favorite band. ¬†It just hasn’t clicked with me. ¬†And, the important thing to know is that’s okay.

We at Galleywinter have always striven to be a filter among the noise that highlights music we dig. ¬†It’s not always everyone’s cup of tea and from time to time we’ve been stuck with the “music snob” label. ¬†But, when an outfit such as this loves “Donut Taco Palace”, that can’t really be a valid label.

Music is about what you feel. ¬†It either hits you in the soul or it doesn’t. ¬†It should make you truly feel something. ¬†Whatever emotion impacts you via music, let it reverberate to your soul. ¬†It’s food for your soul.

Like what you like and make no apologies for it. ¬†If you don’t like the same thing that everyone else does, relish that. ¬†It means you’re unique and special. ¬†You are doing ¬†you.

We’ve always gone to great lengths to tell you what we are digging, not what we aren’t digging. ¬†Music discovery is a personal … Keep Reading

{Brad's Corner} April 2015: Transferring to the Tube

{Bradís Corner}

The way we consume media in these modern times is quite different from how we took it in as recently as five years ago. ¬†Streaming and avenues like Apple TV and Netflix allow us to gluttonously devour television series and movies as if we were headed to Whataburger after a fast. ¬†We don’t consume these shows quietly either. ¬†We must blast our latest viewing habits out on all manner of social media. ¬†Why do we do this? Because we as humans crave a connection. ¬†We want to share our joy and love of something and feel validated. ¬†Finding someone else who watches and enjoys the same show as you bonds you in some sort of unexplained social lockstep. ¬†And, boy can we get passionate about these shows we watch. ¬†Whether it’s Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Scandal, House of Cards or you name it…we will jump up on the highest cliff and stump for it harder than the 2016 candidates are striving for the White House. ¬†We will beat the drums and tell people why it’s awesome and why they should watch. ¬†We will act incredulous when someone tells us they haven’t seen it or didn’t enjoy it when they tried to watch it.

I used to see that same kind of passion about music. ¬†But, it’s rare these days. ¬†It’s easy to blame it on the changing fads or the death of both country music and “Texas Country”. ¬†Yet, there has to be more to it. ¬†I think … Keep Reading

{Brad's Corner} March 2015: Connections

{Bradís Corner}

Aaron Watson barnstormed the national country music scene last week during CRS. ¬†His The Underdog album raced to the top of the charts and spurned many think pieces in the wake of the Gary Overton spewn ignorance. The passion and fervor displayed by his core fanbase spurred him to the top of the charts and the forefront of the ongoing “where is country music headed?” conversation.

This passionate underbelly of support comes from the fanbase Aaron has built one show at a time for well over a decade on the Texas circuit. ¬†His authenticity and genuine nature has allowed him to connect to audiences on a grander scale than many of his Texas peers. ¬†He shares his life from the stage and speaks about his wife and kids in such a reverential tone that you want to emulate what he does. ¬†He’s a God-fearing man burning the honky-tonks down. ¬†People respond to that. ¬†People respect that. ¬†People relate to that. ¬†Fans feel connected to Aaron Watson on a deep level. ¬†The type of level they could only dream of attaining with an artist on the Blake Shelton level of fame. Aaron speaks directly to them and not down to them. ¬†He shakes their hand after the show and signs anything they want signed.… Keep Reading

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