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{Brad's Corner} March 2016: Beat Me Like a Drum

{Bradís Corner}

Well I thought the highway loved me. But she beat me like a drum. – Jason Isbell

The road is an alluring place. ¬†It’s the stuff of fantasy and Kerouac. ¬†Windblown freedom and white line slavery. It can take you places far beyond this plane without leaving the ground.… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} February 2016 – Radio

{Bradís Corner}

“My radio makes me want to just lose my head.” – Ryan Bingham

My mom was a disc jockey in the 70’s. ¬†At a time when they were the pinnacle of cool. ¬†Pre-internet, they were the tastemakers. ¬†It was the wild, wild west. ¬†… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} January 2016-Labeling the Uncatergorical

{Bradís Corner}

You’ve been there. ¬†A conversation about music comes up with a stranger. ¬†They’re going on and on about the music they dig. ¬†A lot of times in this part of the world that means “country music”. ¬†You tell them you like country music…but not that country music. ¬†… Read the rest

{Brad's Corner} December 2015: Music Is a Gift

{Bradís Corner}

**I had a December column all written and tied up with a nice bow to publish today and then the news of Scott Weiland’s passing came through last night and hit me like a ton of bricks. ¬†He’s not the first musical hero I’ve lost, nor will he be the last…but this one resonated with me.Read the rest