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Texas Best Americana Red’s Volume 4

The final installment of my attempt to categorize and chronicle the signature songs of our music scene can be found below.  This has been an extremely rewarding and satisfying trip down memory lane and into the future.  The feedback has been phenomenal and I’m proud that this will stand as a testament to all that […]

Texas Best Americana Red’s Volume 3

My mission to archive and chronicle the quintessential and signature songs of Texas/Red Dirt Americana continues with Volume 3 as we dive into M-R. Volume 1: http://galleywinter.com/texas-best-americana-reds-part-1/ Volume 2: http://galleywinter.com/texas-best-americana-reds-volume-2/ Spotify playlist for Volumes 1-3: GW Texas Best Americana Red’s   M-R Mack Abernathy – “Slippin’ Around” (1989) Elements of Bob Wills can be found in this […]

Texas Best Americana Red’s Volume 2

Volume 2 (G-L) of the signature song from just about every artist to ever touch this scene in some way is below.  For a full description of this project, check out VOLUME 1. *YouTube links are provided for each song (if available). G-L Gary Floater- “Y’all Watch This” (2011) The greatest artist of all time…in his […]

Texas Best Americana Red’s Volume 1

I once made a Spotify playlist that featured a few of my favorite songs from each of my favorite Texas/Red Dirt/Americana/OKOM artists.  I was programming my own station so to speak.  Soon though, laziness took hold and upon album release day for a favorite artist I found myself just dragging the entire new record into […]