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{Review} Maren Morris EP


Maren Morris has delivered a collection of songs with her latest EP that makes a statement. She’s not catering to any format or preconceived notions of what music should be.  Outside the box, outside the lines, but straightforward with how good it all is.  … Read the rest

{Review} Red Shahan – Men and Coyotes

big_1439487957menandcoyotes260It’s exciting when a new artist comes along and delivers a transcendent statement with their debut record.  The manner with which K Phillips stormed the scene a couple years back comes to mind.  K’s effort, American Girls, was dingy, dirty, groovy, rootsy, soulful and flat out different.  … Read the rest

{Review} Statesboro Revue-Jukehouse Revival

album artworkStewart Mann and his brother Garrett have been fronting the southern rock outfit Statesboro Revue for a number of years now.  Stewart’s voice is evocative, versatile, powerful and soulful.  Garrett’s guitar playing is drenched in the traditions of Allman and Betts.  … Read the rest

{Review} Courtney Patton – So This Is Life

CPCourtney Patton’s aptly named third album, So This Is Life, is comprised of story songs inspired by her life.  Produced by Drew Kennedy, each song is beautifully executed and perfectly balanced, with fiddle and steel guitar that never overshadow Patton’s rich vocals.  … Read the rest

{Review} RR, WB, WCG and Monster Records




“Well, it’s not really a monster track Mike.”

Jerry Jeff Walker spoke those tongue-in-cheek words over 40 years ago as the tapes rolled on his recording “Gettin’ By”.  It was a knowing wink that while the song was simple and somewhat off the cuff, Jerry Jeff knew he was on the brink of a movement.  … Read the rest