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{20 Questions} Gary Floater

Gary Floater is not for everyone.  He is a brutally honest traveling troubadour who has literally sold dozens of records and stands as the biggest influence of his generation.  Why he is not regarded in the realm of Cash and Haggard one will never know.  This country survivor has a tale to tell, and we were there to hear him tell it.  Dig into this 20 Questions to find out about having Garth Brooks as a neighbor, what the best part of Sunburn Lake is and covering Patsy Cline in drag in Mexico City, as well as some less mundane stories.

Check out Gary’s website and songs after you read the interview:



1.  What’s new with the musical empire that we all know as Gary Floater?

I have a lot of paperwork to do, you know just keeping people from stealing my songs.  When I write a new song, I mail a copy of the lyrics to myself that serves as a proof that i wrote it on such and such a date, you know I mail it and it gets the mailmans mark and it’s sealed and all.

Then, next day when mail is delivered I get excited and I do accidently open the letters…and I see it’s just one I mailed to myself.  So I mail ’em to myself again and mark the envelop “Gary, for godsake don’t open. -Gary”

So, I keep pretty busy with paperwork.

2.   How much more unreleased material are you sitting Keep Reading

{20 Questions} Ray Wylie Hubbard-2nd Edition

Ray Wylie Hubbard first sat down for our 20 Questions three years ago (1st 20 Questions w/ RWH).  In the years since, Ray’s legend has only grown further with the growth of his Grit N’ Groove Festival (happening this Saturday April 2nd) and national television appearances in support of his latest album, A. Enlightenment, B. Endarkenment (Hint: There is no C). 2011 finds Ray on the cusp of recording another album and producing records for rising newcomers like Lincoln Durham and Charlie Shafter.

As usual, these 20 Questions find Ray showcasing his wit, humor and intelligence.  There is something to be learned from each of his answers.

Dive in as Ray details the various contractual entanglements he’s found himself in,  talks about the time Poodie Locke picked up Dolly Parton in Waco,  reveals how he got the goods on Slash’s rider while in Amsterdam and explains what Gary Stewart has in common with Lightnin’ Hopkins.  All that plus tons of other enlightenment from the  Wylie Lama.

1.  Ray, you’ve always got lots of projects going on at one time.  What’s new and exciting in the world of Ray Wylie Hubbard?

My Grit N’ Groove festival is coming up soon…I’m shooting a film project I wrote with Brent Carpenter that involves Hayes Carll,  Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Scott Davis, and Ron Shock and others.  I’m producing records on Charlie Shafter, Lincoln Durham and Chelle Rose…as well as recording my own new album this summer.  Somewhere in the midst of … Keep Reading

{20 Questions} Blake Myers of Rosehill

With a video in heavy rotation on CMT (“Midnight America”) and a critically acclaimed debut album, the duo of Rosehill is making a name for themselves in Texas and beyond.  Blake Myers and Mitch McBain first made waves on the Texas scene in their band Texas High Life, and have evolved into Rosehill under the guidance of their mentor Radney Foster.  Read along to get to know them better and find out the stories behind taking shots with Darius Rucker and why Dallas always makes Blake think of H-Town rap legends Swishahouse.

1.  Y’all recently released your first album as a duo, White Lines and Stars.  Since that release, what’s been new and exciting in the world of Rosehill?

Everything!  Every day is something new and exciting. For one, getting the “Midnight America” video on CMT.com and CMT Pure and the response it’s getting is incredible.  CMT Pure is really getting behind the Texas scene and will soon have some all-Texas programming. Which is exciting that we will have an avenue for the nation to view and hear our music. We have just signed with AUE for booking and we are just trying to play as much as possible.

2.  You made your initial waves in the Texas Music scene as a band called Texas High Life.  What prompted the change to duo status and the name Rosehill?

Radney Foster. It was his idea when we got together to become a duo. He used to say, “you … Keep Reading

{20 Questions} Lincoln Durham

When your name is Lincoln Durham, you’ve been playing guitar since you were a teen and Ray Wylie Hubbard chooses to mentor you…your career path is all but chosen for you.  Mixing the sounds and vibes of blues, rock and country with a voice and lyrics that grab at the soul of each who listens, Lincoln Durham is poised for a breakout 2011.  Peek into the creative mind of Lincoln Durham with these 20 Questions as he delves into the imaginative stories behind his songs, how he’s trying to add fiddle to his unique shows and why Ray Wylie Hubbard should have his own show on the History Channel.

1.  Since the release of your rousing debut EP, fans have been clamoring for a full-length album.  What’s going on with that project and when can folks expect it?

The album is really close to being finished and has been for a while. We had a spell where we had to pause for more money. During that time, I’ve written more tunes that we’re really excited about and might be better suited for the debut album. So we’re going back in studio in May to add the new songs and wrap it up. So as it is right now, we’re looking at a summer or early fall release. I now know what the term labor of love really means. But, we don’t want to settle for anything less then great and we hope the time and care invested in this record … Keep Reading

{20 Questions} Sean McConnell

Sean McConnell is without question the most buzzed about artist to hit this scene in the last five years, and with good reason.  His mix of songwriting ability and musical talent is in a league of its own.  Sean’s 20 Questions are some of the most genuine and revealing we’ve ever done.  He took each question to heart and seemed intent on giving the most honest and thorough answer he could to each question.  It’s something I think will truly come across as you read this interview.  Find out what it’s like to co-write songs with Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers, how Christianity informs his art and what it’s like to have MacGyver as your bass player.

1. Since the release of Saints, Thieves and Liars in 2010 you’ve been very busy with promotion and touring behind it.  What’s on the horizon for Sean McConnell in 2011 and beyond?

My philosophy is work your ass off, keep your head down, and the rest is up to God. 2011 will bring more touring, expanding to new markets, building our existing ones, a few more singles off of Saints, Thieves and Liars….driving, driving, driving…more songwriting, and hopefully starting a new record at some point. It’s what I’ve always done and you just hope that each year it gets bigger and bigger.

2.  Your introduction to the Texas scene came from your affiliation with Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers among others.  How did you hook up to write with those guys?  And, Keep Reading

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