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{20 Questions} Deanna Kenisell of Big Hearted Babes

With the Bowen Classic coming up this weekend, we took some time out of the schedule of one of the very busy women behind it to find out more about their organization and the benefits they run.

1. First of all, for those that may not know, tell us what Big Hearted Babes is and how it got started?Read the rest

{20 Questions} Josh Frasier

Over the past couple years Josh Frasier has become known as the collective of Texas Music’s favorite baseball player. He’s a diehard fan of Red Dirt music and he just happens to have one of the coolest jobs in America. He’s recently started a weekly radio segment on The Ranch with Justin Frazell and he is probably the coolest MLB personality on Twitter (@Frasier66).… Read the rest

{20 Questions} Larry Joe Taylor-2nd Edition

This edition of 20 Questions finds Larry Joe Taylor on the eve of his 23rd annual festival.  A festival that has been called the best outdoor event in the state by several publications and a music gathering that is known world-wide for its size, artistry and influence. … Read the rest

{20 Questions} Gary Floater

Gary Floater is not for everyone.  He is a brutally honest traveling troubadour who has literally sold dozens of records and stands as the biggest influence of his generation.  Why he is not regarded in the realm of Cash and Haggard one will never know. … Read the rest

{20 Questions} Ray Wylie Hubbard-2nd Edition

Ray Wylie Hubbard first sat down for our 20 Questions three years ago (1st 20 Questions w/ RWH).  In the years since, Ray’s legend has only grown further with the growth of his Grit N’ Groove Festival (happening this Saturday April 2nd) and national television appearances in support of his latest album, A.Read the rest