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{20 Questions} Brian Keane


Brian Keane has been building his career over the past few years as a songwriter and sideman.  A couple years ago, he stepped to the forefront and began releasing solo material.  He recently released his second full-length album, Coming Home,  and his racking up the tour dates in support of it.  Brian takes time out of his busy schedule to jump into another round of our Twenty Questions.  He tackles such topics as why playing with Randy Rogers Band was such a good gig, why tractors aren’t sexy and relates anecdotes about west Texas being a speed trap.  Enjoy!

Brian Keane – “Bar Lights” on The Drop

1.  What’s new and exciting in the world of Brian Keane?

A whole lot’s been going on over here!  We just had our first kid on July 11th!  Also my new record, Coming Home,  came out January 21st.  My wife produced both.

2.  Your wife, Rachel Loy, has become one of the most sought after and innovative producers in Texas music.  So, what’s it like being the second most talented musician in your house?

I’m not sure, I’ll ask her.  (laughs)

3.  Name association:

Wade Bowen — Bud Light

-Adam Hood — Jim Beam

Jason Eady — Old Milwaukee’s Best

Josh Grider — Whatever goes best with his awesome cooking!

Micky Braun — Margaritas

-Randy Rogers — Jagerbombs

Bart Crow —   Miller Lite

Hayes Carll — Jameson

Cody Canada — Bottle o’ Wine

-William Keep Reading

{20 Questions} Chris King


Chris King is a songwriter that has grown his audience and catalog over the past few years.  After balancing music part-time with a full-time career as a Texas high school football coach, King has jumped headfirst into music full-time this year.  In this edition of 20 Questions, King delves into that career switch, discusses why south Texas is his greatest muse, lets us know why he always has Johnny Football on the guest list and gives us an in-depth comparison between his Texas and that of Josh Abbott’s.

1.  You have been quite prolific over the past two years with regard to releasing new music and growing your career.  Can you catch everyone up on what you’ve got going on?

Since the release of 1983 and its companion acoustic album Native, I’ve gotten a little erratic with my writing. I’ve got several notebooks laying around the apartment full of finished and half-finished songs. I’m writing a lot, and I love putting out new material. Whether it’s a well produced studio album or something I did on my own in my apartment, I think it’s important to continue my stream of creativity and get it out into the open. My next release will be a 5-song EP that I’ve recorded in my apartment called “Public School Teacher”. Burton Lee from Eleven Hundred Springs is going to play steel on it and K Phillips is going to play some keys. It’ll be a sh*tty lo-fi recording, but it’ll be new and … Keep Reading

{20 Questions} Will Hoge

Will Hoge is an artist we have been championing for a long time.  He continues to make inroads in the Texas market while simultaneously growing his national status.  Will took time out of his busy schedule to knock out a round of our 20 Questions prior to his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight.  He touches on how cool it is to hear his tunes on the radio, the importance a Georgia Satellite has had in his musical growth, his recovery from the near tragic scooter accident and delves into the motivation behind some of his most well-known songs.
1. Your career has really taken off in  the past couple years with the success of “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” and “Strong”.  What’s ahead for Will Hoge in 2014?  

Trying to really take advantage of the momentum we have…touring in new markets in front of new fans and keep spreading the word of the newest record Never Give In.

2.  Thanks to folks like Wade Bowen and Mattson Rainer at 92.1 KNBT in New Braunfels, and online avenues like our website and Rita Ballou, your music has spread like wildfire throughout the Texas scene.  What do you enjoy most about playing in Texas?  Do you notice a difference in Texas crowds opposed to other states, areas or scenes? 

Definitely different…I’ve said it before, Texas isn’t concerned with labels on music. They don’t care how you classify it, if they like it they like it. That’s … Keep Reading

{20 Questions} Josh Weathers

Few artists have ever taken the Texas Music scene by storm as quickly as Josh Weathers did this past spring.  The buzz began with his stirring cover of “I Will Always Love You” around the time of Whitney Houston’s death and peaked with his triumphant set at this year’s LJT Festival.  Although Weathers has been gigging for years and already had a loyal fanbase, these two events have taken him to a new level of acclaim.  Weathers makes music that is soulful, funky, rocking…yet at all times heartfelt and Texan through and through.  We are proud he will be helping kick off this year’s Greenfest with a set at the Lone Star Music Store in Gruene on Sat July 28 at 5PM.  It’s a free show.  Come see what all the buzz is about that day and pick up a couple copies of his records.  In the meantime, read this edition of 20 Questions to learn more about Josh.

1.   You’re currently in the studio working on your latest record. Your style has continually evolved and your live show is your calling card. So, what’s this record going to sound like? Where are you recording it? Who’s playing on it? When do you hope to release it?

Well, this record is most definitely our best record sonically speaking.  We recorded it with my good friend Nick Choate at Blue Smoke studios here in Fort Worth. Nick and I work really easily together and have been friends for as long as … Keep Reading

{20 Questions} Evan Felker


Turnpike Troubadours have taken the Texas/Red Dirt scene by storm the last couple years with a mix of excellent songwriting, superior musicianship and a killer live show.  Turnpike frontman Evan Felker displays wisdom beyond his years in his lyrics and has garnered well-deserved attention from respected writers for his process and dedication.  This edition of 20 Questions finds Felker and the rest of the Troubadours on the cusp of recording their highly anticipated follow-up album to Diamonds and Gasoline and continuing to play for growing crowds.  Check out the interview to find out about Evan’s karaoke song of choice, playing a gig during a riot, why to avoid root beer shots in Amarillo, what to expect from the next Turnpike Troubadour album and probably the best explanation of Texas/Red Dirt music I’ve ever heard.

1.  2010 and the first half of 2011 saw a dramatic rise in the popularity of your band with increased radio play and an ambitious touring schedule through Texas, Oklahoma and beyond.  What’s on tap for the rest of 2011 and beyond?

A new album, that’s always the next step. We have been touring on this one for a year and a half. With a new album comes a certain necessary vitality to the live show. Other than the new record it’s just shows.  We are going to play shit-loads of shows…I might even grow a mustache too.

2.  Your music and songwriting has a very cool old-school vibe without sounding dated.  You’ve managed to take Keep Reading

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